Arts & Humanities Pathway

Arts and Humanities programs study human creativity and languages to help us express ourselves and communicate effectively. Graduates may be employed by private business, government, or work independently.

Arts & Humanities Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate Additional Requirements
Academic & Workforce Success C
Architecture Technology C
Art - Ceramics AA
Art - Drawing & Painting AA
Art History AA-T
College Readiness C
College Readiness for the English Language Learner C
Communication Studies AA
Communication Studies 2.0 AA-T
CSU General Education (CSU-GE-Breadth) C
English AA-T
ESL Fundamentals I C
ESL Fundamentals II C
ESL Fundamentals III C
ESL Pathways C
Film/TV Production Crafts C
Foundation for Academic Success I C
Foundation for Academic Success II C
French AA
Graphic Design I C
Graphic Design II C
IGETC-General Education C
Interactive Design I C
Interactive Design II C
International Area Studies Africa AA
International Area Studies Asia AA
International Area Studies Latin America AA
International Area Studies Middle East AA
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Arts & Humanities AA
Philosophy AA-T AA
Social Justice Studies: Chicano Studies AA-T
Social Justice Studies: LGBTQ Studies AA-T
Spanish AA-T AA
Studio Arts AA-T
The Foundation of English Skills C
Theatre Arts AA-T

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