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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) website! Below you will find links to our SharePoint along with links to our data dashboards.

OIE Mission

The mission of OIE is to provide support for ensuring institutional effectiveness and enhancing student learning. This mission is addressed through a variety of means, including:

  • Provision of data and information that inform decision-making.
  • Support for integrated planning processes.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of major college plans and processes.
  • Guidance in implementing change that results from assessment and evaluation OIE supports responsibility for enrollment management, program review, and the planning committee.
  • Support for survey design and analysis, data for grants applications, and other information needs.


OIE Dashboards

Awards Dashboard

Number of degrees and certificates awarded at college-level, LCP-level, division-level, and program-level. Includes sections for monitoring SCFF including WLAC SCFF estimates for unique count of students earning awards, # of students earning the same category of award in the same year, and # of students earning multiple categories of awards in the same year. Options present to disaggregate most data by student demographics (e.g., gender, ethnicity, AB540, BOG, DSPS, EOPS, First Generation, Foster, PELL, and Veteran).

Course Enrollment Dashboard

Users can explore trends in course enrollment totals, % change in enrollment term to term, waitlist totals, section counts, and fill rates at the college-level, division-level, discipline-level, and course-level. Enrollment data can be disaggregated by method of instruction and dual enrollment course attributes.

Student Equity Dashboard

Course enrollments, course retention and success at college-level, division-level, and subject-level. Compare two different ethnic groups to overall college average and automatically calculates number of additional successful enrollments needed to close equity gaps.

Early Momentum Metrics Dashboard

Performance data on early momentum metrics including 1st term momentum (earning 6+ or 12+ credits in first term), 1st year momentum (earning 15+, 24+ and 30+ credits in first year), transfer-level English completion in year 1, transfer-level Math completion in year 1, course completion rate for all credit courses in year 1, and course completion rate for transfer-level courses (not below college level OR is UC and CSU transferrable) in year 1. Metrics serve as early indicators of progress toward longer term student success goals. Data can be disaggregated by Ethnicity, Gender, and Home Campus.

First-Time Fall Student Retention Dashboard

Fall-to-Fall and Fall-to-Spring retention for cohorts of first-time students enrolled at WLAC. The dashboard reports if students from the cohort return to WLAC in the fall or spring term. Data can be disaggregated by earned award from WLAC within same academic year, ethnicity, age group, gender, first generation college, CalWORKs, DSPS, EOPS, Los Angeles College Promise, BOG recipient, PELL recipient, and Home Campus.

Low Cost or Zero Cost Textbook Dashboard

Contains trends on the % of Low Cost and Zero Cost Textbook sections offered. Also contains a detailed table of all sections. 

Student Factbook Dashboard

Student demographics data for students enrolled at census by term or by academic year. Users can view student counts for students enrolled at WLAC in the reporting period, or for students enrolled within the district in the reporting period with WLAC Home Campus. Data disaggregated by age, gender, ethnicity, enrollment status, unit load, highest education level, non-traditional student status, special populations (e.g., AB540, CalWORKs, DSPS, EOPS, First Generation College, Foster, Veteran, Los Angeles College Promise), financial aid status (BOG/PELL recipient). Contains an approximation of the SCFF metrics of count of AB540, CCPG/BOG, and PELL students. 

OIE SharePoint (LACCD Employees Only)

To access our SharePoint page, please click on the following button:

WLAC OIE SharePoint

Note that you must be logged in using your campus credentials to be able to access the SharePoint.

OIE Contact Information

Artour Aslanian, Ph.D., Dean
Email: @email
Phone: 310-287-4361

Michelle Charles, Research Analyst
Email: @email
Phone: 310-287-4255

Lydia Dong, Research Analyst
Email: @email
Phone: 310-287-7225

Sanjay Marwah, Ph.D., Assistant Research Analyst
Email: @email
Phone: 310-287-4491