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Film/TV Production 

West offers professional certificates for those interested in working in film and television crafts, such as lighting, grip, camera, set dressing and painting. 

West also offers an Associate Degree for Transfer, in Film, TV and Electronic Media for students who wish to transfer to a four-year university.

Film/TV Production Crafts

The Film/TV production Crafts Program at West is a multi-tiered motion picture, television and stagecraft production education training program that covers the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry's career pathways, including crafts such as grip, set lighting, costuming, set painting and set decorating, as well as more traditional disciplines such as camera, sound and editing. Working in partnership with Hollywood CPR, a nonprofit organization recognized by entertainment unions and employers, qualified students learn specialized skills from highly experienced industry professionals. Foundational classes focus on the most important and common skills expected of an entry-level worker. Work-study and union traineeships facilitate entrance into IATSE unions. The program includes comprehensive life skills coaching and support to promote success in obtaining and maintaining employment along any career pathway.

Film/TV AA Degree for Transfer

The Film, Television and Electronic Media Associate Degree for Transfer prepares students intending transfer to a four year college for careers in the film and television industry as producers, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, development associates, casting directors, agents, script supervisors and editors. Coursework provides students with grounding in film and aesthetics and with hands-on experiences to provide technical skills. The program is designed to satisfy lower division requirements for a baccalaureate degree in Cinema, Television and/or Media Arts at a California State University.  Consult the Counseling Office for individualized educational planning and the Transfer Center for complete information regarding transfer requirements.

Hello, my name is Elvia Viramontes and I am the Film/TV Production Crafts Counselor. I provide a variety of counseling services like student education plans, assistance in petitioning for the certificate, and referrals to resources on campus. Please schedule an appointment by clicking “Schedule Appointment” below my photo. I am available Wednesdays 4 pm-6 pm (in-person/phone/video) or Fridays 9 am-1 pm (phone/video). I look forward to meeting with you!

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