Meet Our Professors

Why I Work Here...

Darrell Roberson,
Transfer Center Staff

Prof. Leslie Tejada,
Language Arts

Prof. Patricia Zuk,

Prof. Yervant Boghos,
Health Sciences

Prof. Lisa Kamibayashi,
Prof. Dental Hygiene 

Prof. Ed Guzman,
Aviation Technology


Faculty Profiles

Prof. Jesus Iniguez, Chemistry

Coach / Athletic Coselor Lily Mozafariun

Prof. Bill Williams,
Computer Science / Info Tech

Prof. Anthony Cuomo, Communications

What motivates me is my students and my colleagues and everyone here at West who is really working to help our students be as successful as more

Prof. Rocky Ford, Film Production Crafts

There's a lot of film schools, but this is the only program that has this kind of more

Prof. DeAnna Gossett, Business

I like to bring in real life experiences and tell them why what we’re learning really is going to matter to them in their more

Prof. KaleAb Gorfu, Computer Science

I like when someone really gets a concept or an idea that I’m trying to communicate and when they see their code working, that’s the moment that I really more

Prof. Mesfin Taye, Physics

If you study physics, the way you think is completely different. It helps you to think more




2018 Hispanic Heritage Month

Prof. Leslie Tejada

Carlos Perales

Susan Trujillo

Prof. Carlos Sermenos
Dental Hygiene

Prof. Dolores Gallegos
Child Development

Prof. Rudy Triviso
Aviation Tech

2019 Black History Month


Prof. Kevin Coffee


Prof Tiffany Lanoix


Prof. Christopher Lee
Political Science

Prof. Marini Smith
Child Development

Prof. Jeremy Jankans

Prof. Charles Daniel