Career Technical Education (CTE) and High School Articulation; Earn College Credit for High School Courses.

What is High School Articulation

High School articulation provides a legal process to align curriculum and instruction providing a seamless career pathway transition between courses, grades and schools at secondary institutions (including Adult Schools), community colleges and college/university levels. Articulation is open to all public Adult Schools, High Schools, and ROP's in California.

Articulation provides a streamlined path for students who complete a program of study in high school and wish to continue on that path at the community college.These articulation agreements create sequences of progressive, non-duplicated education leading to technical skill proficiency, a credential, a certificate, and/or a degree in a wide range of fields and careers. Such agreements include "credit by exam" to receive college credit for rigorous coursework taken at the high school level (separate from AP classes). Through the credit by examination process, high school students may receive credit at the college level for articulated courses.

How it Works

Click here - (PDF version of the process with the form)

Current Agreements

The following are current articulation agreements:

Culver City High School