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Public Relations & Advertising

The West Los Angeles College Public Relations & Advertising Office is responsible for the college branding and advertising as well as news vehicles including WestWeek (online newsletter), Instagram, LinkedIn, and Press Releases. The office also coordinates the college web site and aids with several of the college's major events.

WestWeek Online Newsletter

Advertising Opportunities

Currently, West does not have a student newspaper. Advertisers may post flyers on designated post boards around the college once they have been approved by the Associated Student Organization (ASO). Recruitment notices for paid positions and internships may be included on the college Career Center page. 

Film on Campus

Before our 70 park-like acres were West, they were part of a major movie studio. In that spirit, we welcome professional film, television and commercial shoots. West offers a wide variety of classrooms, meeting rooms and office areas; ample space for production vehicles and equipment; and a semi-secluded location. For more information, contact Tamara Washington, Enterprise Manager at (310) 287-4368 or @email | view locations


GUESTS: At West, we take pride in being a community resource both in and beyond the classroom. West provides large and small, indoor and outdoor venues, and even spaces with panoramic views from Playa del Rey to Century City. Community events held at West have ranged from small business trainings to the 10,000-guest Culver City Fireworks Show. For more information, contact Tamara Washington, Enterprise Manager at (310) 287-4468 or @email.


CE 1st Floor


Michelle Long-Coffee, Director
Email: @email
Phone: (310) 287-4597