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  • ASYNCHRONOUS Online - NO set meeting times.

  • SYNCHRONOUS Online - REQUIRED attendance at online meetings.

  • ASYNC and SYNC Online - SOME REQUIRED attendance at online meetings.
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Spring 2024

Starts Feb 4

For-Credit Classes

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Summer 2024

Starts June 10, 24 & July 15

Grass on Campus

For-Credit Classes

Free-College Classes

  • College & Career Prep including ESL, GED Prep, Basic Computer Skills, Nature Conservation Studies, Real Estate, Medical Terminology, Small Businesses and more

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Fall 2024

Starts Aug. 26 & Oct. TBA

For-Credit Classes

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Winter 2025

Jan 6 - Feb 9

Aviation Technology Complex Building

For-Credit Classes

  • SEARCHABLE WINTER SCHEDULE (available Oct 14, 2024)
  • PDF List of Winter Classes
  • Off-site Locations

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