Children using clay as a way to self express.

Child Development Center General Information:

Welcome to the West Los Angeles Campus Child Development Center (CDC), a nurturing environment designed for young children ages 1-4 years.

Program Highlights:

  • Safe and Positive Environment: Our CDC provides a secure and supportive atmosphere where children can learn and grow. 
  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum: We offer a play-based learning approach tailored to each child's developmental stage, fostering creativity and curiosity. We strive to provide enriched learning experiences based on the latest research and the best practices to meet the needs of children, families, staff and college students.
  • Nutritious Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided daily to all children enrolled, at no charge to families. 

Key Features:

  • Licensed Facility: We are a licensed childcare facility, meeting rigorous standards for safety and quality.
    • Infant-toddler: 197493182
    • Preschool: 197410716
  • Inclusive Programs: Our center serves children of students, staff, faculty, and the broader community, promoting diversity and inclusivity. 
  • Fees: Our program offers subsidized child care for families meeting the criteria set forth in our State contracts administered by the State of California Department of Education Early Education Services Division (EESD), State Preschool Program. Children must be 1.0 years old by September 2nd of the current year to be eligible for subsidized care. Eligibility is based on the family's gross monthly income and number of dependents. 
  • Academic Calendar: Operating during the Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters, we align with West Los Angeles College's schedule. Please note, we are closed during summer sessions.

Programs Offered


Infant-Toddlers: 12 months - 36 months

Preschool: 3 years - 4 years (Must turn 5 after September 2)



Visit Us on Wednesday

You're invited to tour our facility at 10:00 am on any Wednesday in June or July ...reserve a slot here or call (310) 287-4357

Admission Priorities & Requirements:

The Child Development Center was established to provide a service to student-parents while attending West Los Angeles College (WLAC). As a participant in this program, the parent has responsibilities towards the children and faculty to assure that the program operates for the benefit of everyone involved.

The State of California Department of Education, Child Development Division, contracts the West Los Angeles College Child Development Center to provide children’s services to families who are income eligible and/or CalWORKs or State Preschool recipients. If your family qualifies for any of these programs and you choose to become a participant, the following policies and procedures are required:

Provide the following information:

  1. Child’s parents must live and/or work in the State of California.

    1. Current copy of gas or electricity bill for the family.
  2. Upon enrollment, verification of birth is required. The following documents are acceptable:

    1. Birth Certificate;
    2. Baptismal Certificate;
    3. Passport.
  3. Upon enrollment, accurate and complete verification of family income is required. Documentation must be submitted within thirty (30) days prior to the first day of enrollment. The following documents are acceptable:

    1. Current paycheck stubs for one month prior to enrollment date;
    2. Notice of Action;
    3. If self-employed, a signed letter verifying average monthly pays;
    4. Income Tax Return, only if it has been requested.
  4. Upon enrollment, the following forms, are required:

    1. Application for Services
    2. Emergency and Identification Information (Emergency Cards);
    3. Up-to-date Immunization Record;
    4. Current Physician Report, within one year of enrollment.
  5. Once enrolled, official verification of student-parent’s college class schedule and unit enrollment. As well as, a progress report or grade card towards the end of each semester.

  6. Parents enrolled in full-day State Preschool are required to show the “need” for childcare. Working full-time and/or attending school fulltime meets this requirement. Progress reports and/or grade cards and/or employment verification will be required.

2024 - 2025 Enrollment Application

The 2024-2025 school year enrollment applications are now available on-line. Please complete and save the application as a PDF file document.

Submit the complete application along with all required documents in person. Call (310) 287-4357 or email at the CDC to make an appointment.

Applications are received on a continuous basis for the current school year. Applications for the following year (Fall, Winter, and Spring Semesters) will be accepted beginning the second week of April.

WLAC CDC Application


Required documents to submit with application:

  • Current verification of total household income for 1 month.
  • Utility bill (Gas, water, trash, electricity bill, or rental agreement) as proof of physical address
  • Family size: Verification for all children under the age of 18 yrs. old who are part of your household is required (i.e. birth certificate, hospital birth record, baptismal certificate)
  • Child's immunization record
  • College students: Current class print out, Educational Plan & Semester Final Grades

* Please see the application for more detailed information

The Center provides a training program for students wishing to pursue a career in teaching young children.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed
Summer hours are subject to change.


Child Development Center

(310) 287-4357