Professor Explaining on Class

STEM Pathway


STEM programs scientifically study ourselves and the physical world to help produce medicines, buildings, and other technologies that improve our lives.

STEM Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate
Algebra Fundamentals C
Biology AS-T
Biotechnology Lab Technician C
Chemistry AA
Chemistry for UCTP AS-T
Climate Change and Environmental Studies AA
Climate Change Studies - Natural Science C
Climate Change Studies- Social Science C
Conservation Studies C
Engineering - Civil Track AS
Engineering - Computer Software Track AS
Engineering - Electrical Track AS
Engineering - Mechanical Track AS
Engineering I C
Engineering II: Mechanical and Civil C
Engineering III: Computer and Software and Electrical C
Environmental Science AS-T
Geography AS-T
Geology AS-T
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Math, Sciences & Computer Science AA
Liberal Arts Math Preparation C
Mathematics AS-T AA
Physics AS-T
Pre-Algebra Fundamentals C
Science Preparation C
Statistics Preparation C
STEM Math Preparation C