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We're here to assist you to navigate college systems, and to find answers. We offer courses and programs for students seeking an increase in literacy skills, access to higher education and employment, and strengthened self-sufficiency. Discover the opportunities to change your life by enrolling now!


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Please note that you do not have to take the listed courses for a certificate all at once during a semester. Please see a counselor for further guidance. 

Click on the links below (PDF file) to find out more information on each certificate.


Academic Preparation

Academic PreparationAcademic Preparation certificates and courses are designed for students who wish to improve reading, writing, math, biology, chemistry and study skills before enrolling in college-level credit courses. These courses also prepare students to take the GED/HiSET high school equivalency exams.



Career Exploration & Preparation

Career Exploration & Prep

Career Exploration & Preparation certificates and courses are designed for students who wish to explore and prepare for careers in business, information technology, healthcare, and criminal justice, conservation studies, facilities management, real estate and more.



Job & Career Training

Job Training

Job Training certificates and courses are designed for students who seek skills and training for employment. The courses and programs are designed for high employment potential or to transition to a credit degree program.




Employment Preparation

Employment Preparation

Employment preparation certificates and courses prepare students to effectively transition from college to careers with 21st century job-ready skills and successfully become employed or advance in high-demand, well-paying careers in the public and private sectors.



English Language Learners (ELL)

English Learners

English language learners benefit from free classes and certificates that help them improve their English reading, writing and speaking kills, prepare for the U.S. Citizenship test, and strengthen their academic skills for college.



Job Training