Adult Dual Enrollment Form

Supplemental K12 Application for Adults Attending a High School Completion or Equivalency Program

If you are an adult who is enrolled and attending a high school diploma completion or equivalency program and want to enroll in college credit classes for free under dual enrollment (SB 554), then you must complete this form every semester/session in addition to maintaining an active application in CCCApply.


The goal of SB 554 is to expose adult students enrolled in a high school diploma completion or high school equivalency programs to college credit courses, and support their transition to post-secondary level coursework, college and career degrees and certificates, and courses that will qualify them to transfer to four-year universities. As there are many college credit courses that count towards a college certificate, degree or transfer AND simultaneously count towards an adult high school diploma, completing these courses can save students time and money towards completing their high school diploma and college and career goals.

It is critical that eligible adult students who wish to enroll in college credit courses, do so through the adult dual enrollment program so they do not inadvertently disqualify themselves from the LA College Promise program, which currently provides first-time adult college credit students free tuition and many other benefits for two years.


Eligible adult students must be a California residents for 366 consecutive days before the start of the term, be 16 years or older, without a high school diploma or equivalent (HiSet or GED), and are enrolled in a high school diploma or equivalency program at an adult school or noncredit community college program. Eligible adult students cannot be enrolled in a high school or be in possession of a U.S. high school diploma or equivalent (HiSet or GED)

Form Completion Process Steps (PDF)

WLAC K12 For Completion Process

Information and Assistance

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