Frequently Asked Questions

Matriculation Process – Getting Started

Log into your SIS Account and review your “TO DO CHECKLIST” to access the New Student Orientation. It presents important information for students and helps satisfy a requirement to earn Priority Registration. Welcome Center staff are available to assist you.

*If you cannot access the orientation from your SIS “TO DO LIST”

  • please click on the Student Status tile
  • Click on “Orientation”
  • Click on “Orientation” again to launch.

New WLAC students now qualify for placement into university-transfer level math and English courses without Assessment testing. Students have the option to enroll in

  • English 101 (or lower)
  • English Second Language 6 or 8
  • Math 215 (Principles of Math), 227 (Statistics), 245 (College Algebra)

If your SIS Portal does not show a college-level placement for English or math, complete the following steps:

  • Login to your Student Portal (
  • Under your To-Do Checklist, click on "More to-do list details)
  • Click "English & Math Placement" and complete the five-question Web Form. Your new placement will appear within 1-5 business day.

*If you do not see the placement form in your “TO DO LIST,” please email the Welcome Center at @email so that it can be added to your SIS.

Admission and Enrollment Processes

Admissions will assign you a specific day and time for registration known as your registration appointment. You may register for classes any time after the appointment date. You will need to sign on to the online Student Information System portal (SIS) to access your Registration Appointment.

Click on the following links for a step-by-step guidance on how to add or drop courses on your SIS portal.

Please visit the WLAC Academic Calendar for important dates/deadlines pertaining to each semester.

If the class you want is full, try these options:

  • Pre-requisite: a measure of readiness for a class or program that a student is required to meet as a condition of enrolling in a course or a program.
  • Co-requisite: a requirement that must be satisfied at the time a particular class is taken; usually a co-requisite is concurrent enrollment in another class but may in certain situations be completed at an earlier time.
  • Advisory: a measure of readiness for a class or program that is recommended for students. Not a requirement.

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If you believe a course taken at another college or university meets the prerequisite for a West Los Angeles College course in which you wish to enroll, please submit a Prerequisite Clearance Request and email with all documentation to @email.

Prerequisite clearance forms MUST BE SUBMITTED 10 DAYS PRIOR TO A CLASS START DATE. After the semester start date, prerequisite clearance forms will be processed when a student has an instructor's permission to add a class. For online classes permission can be documented by attaching an email from the instructor.

If you have not met the prerequisite requirement, a Pre-requisite Challenge Petition, should be submitted to the Department Chairperson.

Grades of "D" or "F" will negatively affect your GPA. Receiving a "W" or "NP" will not be calculated into your GPA. However, a "W" or "NP" does place you at risk of progress probation and/or financial aid disqualification.

Academic Renewal allows you to remove up to 18 units worth of LACCD coursework in which grades of "D" of "F" were received from calculation in the GPA. See the Academic Renewal Petition for more information.

  • Step 1: Logon to the Student Portal (
  • Step 2: Click on the ACADEMIC RECORDS Menu.
  • Step 3: Select VIEW UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT on the left side and click the "Submit" button.

You can order Official Transcripts by using the Student Portal (

  • Go to the ACADEMIC RECORDS Menu.
  • Select OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS to open up: National Student Clearinghouse.

Major Selection and Proper Coursework

Visit the Career Exploration page to access resources which are offered to help you decide on a major that best fits you.

For Associate Degrees, please check the WLAC General Catalog for specific classes required for your major.

For transfer to a UC or CSU campus, please refer to for a listing of possible major preparation classes. The video below will show you how to use

If interested in transfer to a private/independent or out of state institution visit the Transfer Center.

Please meet with a counselor to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate information for achieving your educational goals.

General Education: Classes required in a variety of disciplines such as English Composition, Math, Arts, Social Science, and Science that must be completed in order to fulfill graduation requirements.

Major requirements: Specific classes required in a field of study that must be completed in order to demonstrate major preparedness for transfer and fulfill graduation requirements.

Please click here for a list of degrees and certificates offered at WLAC.

Complete the Home Change form and live chat with a counselor.

No, universities do not require an AA/AS or AA-T/AS-T degree to transfer. However, students completing an AA-T or AS-T degree receive priority admission to the CSU system. Students should check with a counselor for more details.

A: General Education requirements vary by educational goals. Please see break down below for further details:


For students pursuing an Associate of Arts (AA) and/or Associate of Science (AS) degrees: LACCD GE Pattern


  • For students applying to the California State University (CSU) system: CSUGE Pattern
  • For students applying to both the University of California (UC) and Cal State University (CSU) systems: IGETC Pattern


  • For Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs also known as AA-T/AS-T): CSUGE Pattern or IGETC Pattern can be utilized.
  • Meet with a counselor to discuss which pattern best fits your educational plan.

For a comprehensive list of ADTs currently offered at WLAC, please CLICK HERE.

Book an appointment with a counselor. If you have taken non-LACCD coursework, make sure to submit transcripts to Admissions and Records and verify that your transcript(s) have been received before making the appointment.



Book an appointment with a counselor. If you have taken non-LACCD coursework, make sure to submit transcripts to Admissions and Records and verify that your transcript(s) have been received before making the appointment.