Library Services

Library Instructional Research Lab (LIRL)

The Library Instructional Research Lab (LIRL) enables students to accomplish several critical academic interests in one convenient location: Research the library’s electronic databases, word process a paper, and search the Internet. LIRL is currently comprised of about 100 networked computers, 4 networked printers, and 8 scanners. All LIRL computers provide access to all Library research databases (e.g., CQ Researcher, LexisNexis, ProQuest) and to selected Microsoft applications installed: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Thus, a student can look up a legal case in LexisNexis, complete his Works Cited list, and surf the ‘Net at the same time—true multi-tasking (aka “brain overload”)!

LIRL is staffed by experienced and trained technicians and tutors during all operational hours. It is part of the LIRL techs' and tutors’ job to provide the student with pointers on how to navigate the databases, format a paper for writing, and assist with printing.

If a student wants in-depth assistance, however, she should contact the Reference Librarian or use the Help feature of each database.

Print jobs queue to one of 4 networked printers (one on 1st floor, three on 2nd floor)

Price per page: 10 cents B&W, 25 cents Color

Students’ own paper is not to be used for printing without permission. Most of the cost of printing goes to the purchase of toner cartridges, not paper.

Computer usage at LIRL is governed by Administrative Regulation B-27 (formerly E-76) and by the general rules of the Library as they are set forth in the Policies Guide.

Wireless Network Access (WiFi)

Wireless Perimeter

Wi-Fi printing will become available some time in summer 2023. Wi-Fi access points are sited strategically within the Library building to allow Internet access anywhere within the building. If your laptop is not accessing the Internet, please report it to the Technician @ LIRL. Inaccessibility may be due either to laptop error or to a “dead” spot.

How to Connect to the Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

  1. Access wireless settings on your laptop
  2. Choose wlac_students from the list of available wireless networks
  3. Enter your Username. Your username is your 9-digit Student ID number that begins with the numbers "88..."
  4. Enter your Password. Your password your PIN# which is 4 digits (MMDD format) from your birthdate (eg. if your birthdate is January 31, your PIN is '0131') unless you have changed it the Student Information System.
  5. Click Continue
  6. Read the acceptable use policy and click Accept if you agree and wish to connect to the wireless network.


If you are having problems connecting, ask for assistance from the instructional or the Librarian at the Reference Desk.

Using Your Own Laptop

Personal laptop use is permitted, but the College is not liable for anything that happens to your laptop.