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Tuition & Fees

Approximate international student cost for tuition and mandatory fees for one year of undergraduate study (2023-2024):

WLAC $11,400
Proprietary Colleges $15,000 to $20,000
UCLA/UC Berkeley $37,500
USC/Stanford $48,250

Tuition and fees for the International Online Associate Degree program at West Los Angeles College are among the lowest in the United States. Students who transfer to a university after West to complete a Bachelor’s degree, save a big dollars.

2 Years at West ($$) + 2 to 3 Years at a University ($$$$) $$$$$$
4 to 5 Years at a University $$$$$$$$$$

Based on the required and estimated fees and expenses below, the approximate cost for one semester for a full-time student is $5,690. Students are not required to enroll full-time. West does allow students to take individual courses.

Current Fees