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Certificate Petitions



  1. Review your graduation eligibility with a college counselor.  Your petition will only be accepted if signed or approved by a counselor.  Please visit the counseling website
  2. Submit your completed Spring 2022 graduation petition (including the counselor signature) to the West LA College Admissions Office (SSB 2nd floor) before the deadline.  If you would prefer to email your counselor-signed petition, please send it to  If you cannot send or deliver a petition signed by a counselor, your counselor can email your graduation petition to us at
  3. All official transcripts must be mailed to Admissions by the deadline date. Hand delivered transcripts are not acceptable and will not be considered official.


Spring 2022 Graduation Petitions accepted: Dec. 6th, 2021 - Apr. 8th, 2022



What Should I Do Before I Submit My Degree Petition?

Contact the Counseling Office.

  • Review and confirm graduation program completion and choice of major and degree with a college counselor.
  • Official transcripts must be mailed directly from previous College or Universities. Hand delivered transcripts are not acceptable and will not be considered official.


When and Where Do I Submit A Graduation Petition?

  • Submit Degree or Certificate Petition for review during your final semester. This is the semester during which you will complete all graduation required courses.
  • Submit your Degree or Certificate Petition to the Admissions and Records Office (SSB 2nd floor) once reviewed and approved by a counselor.


Who Reviews My Graduation Petition And When Will I Be Notified?

  • Graduation petitions will be evaluated by an evaluation technician after grades are posted at the end of your final semester.  Once your final semester has ended, please allow three months for one of the following:
  1. A graduation confirmation email notifying you that your award has been posted to your transcript and your diploma is ready for pick-up.
  2. A graduation denial email notifying you which requirements you still need to complete in order to receive a degree from West Los Angeles College.


Any supporting documentation needs to be submitted before the end of final semester.


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