Sheriff Services

Lost & Found

The College Sheriff’s Department maintains WLAC's Lost and Found. Found items should be taken to the College Sheriff’s Office to facilitate the return to its owner.
The Sheriff's Station will attempt to give notification if items turned in have identification.
Items turned in are logged and kept for the duration of the semester and then discarded according to established procedures.

  • Identification is required to claim property.
  • Inquiries may be made either in person or by telephone.
  • The College is not responsible for any personal property left on campus.

Police Safety Escorts

West Los Angeles College Sheriff’s Office can provide safety escorts for people walking alone at night on campus. Faculty/staff members, students and guests can contact the College Sheriff's Office to request a security walking escort to and from their classroom or office.

If you would like to request a safety escort on campus, please contact the College Sheriff’s Office at (310) 287 - 4314/(310) 287 - 4315 and someone will be dispatched to your location.

Persons with a valid Disabled Placard registered to them will be allowed to park in any valid Student, Faculty/Staff, and Disabled Parking stalls on campus. Although persons with a Disabled Placard may park in any stall, be advised that they must also have a valid campus permit or they may be issued a citation.

A parking pass is NOT required during the first two weeks of the FALL and SPRING semesters. After the grace period, vehicles which are not displaying a semester or one-day parking pass will be cited.

The College has no control over fine amounts. Fees are set by municipal code and are subject to change at any time. College parking is enforced 24 hours a day on campus grounds. Parking permits are required all the time to park in any campus parking lot. All California Vehicle Codes will be enforced on campus.

All permits must be displayed face up and must be clearly visible for parking enforcement. The semester, year, and permit number must be clearly visible and not obstructed from view. It is the owner’s responsibility to remember to display their parking permit when they park and leave their vehicle. All vehicles must be out of the parking lots by 11PM.

Paying Citations

The Campus Sheriff's Office does not collect any fees or payments for citations. Fees in the amount indicated must be mailed. Send payment in the form of a check or money order in the furnished envelope to the address indicated on the Citation. DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL.

You may also pay your citation online. (A service charge may apply.)

Payment Plans may be available. For more information, please call 1 (866) 353-5867. You may also see payment plan information online.

Failure to pay fees by the date indicated on the citation will result in the following actions:

  • A Delinquent fee will be added to the violation amount.
  • A hold will be placed on your registration through the CA DMV.

Appealing a Citation

Individuals who believe a parking citation was issued to them in error must complete an Administrative Review Form within 21 days (excluding weekends & holidays) from the date on the citation that is shown. Appeal forms are available online as a pdf file, or at the Campus Sheriff’s Office. Completion of this form does not guarantee a dismissal.

Additional documents need to be submitted with the appeal form.

Please attach the following:

  • A copy of the parking citation
  • A copy of your current parking permit (if any)
  • Your parking permit/fee receipt (the Business Office is able to provide a copy)
  • Any other supporting documents