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Lot 5

Lot 5 is the closest parking lot to the Welcome Center in the Technology Learning Center (TLC) which can assist you with applying and enrolling at the college as well as answering general questions. It is also close to the Aviation Tech buildings (ATA, ATB), the Film / TV production program's Watson Center, Admissions and Athletics.

Lot 7

At the corner of Albert Vera and B Street. From the Overland entrance, turn right at the baseball field (Albert Vera) and enter the driveway on the right that is halfway up the hill. From Lot 7, you can walk up the incline on B Street to reach the Student Services Building which houses Admissions, the Bookstore, the Cafe and other student services. The General Classrooms (GC) building is also on this route.

For disabled visitors or others who are not able to traverse an incline, we recommend that you park in the Parking Structure. Park on Level 2 or take the elevator to Level 2 so that you can take advantage of the flat, accessible path to the Student Services Building.

South Parking Structure & Lot 8A

From the Overland entrance, turn right at the baseball field (Albert Vera) and drive up the hill past Lot 7. These lots are next to the Fine Arts Complete (FA) and are near MSA, CE and HLRC / Library / Learning Center buildings. The South Parking Structure also offers an accessible route to the Student Services Building.

PE Lot

Next to the gym, athletic field and the Aviation Complex (AT A) which houses the Aviation and Film / TV Production Crafts programs.

Limited free street parking is available near the Jefferson/College Blvd entrance on College Blvd. and on Stocker on the south side of campus.

Traffic & Safety Regulations

Questions about parking citations should be directed to the campus Sheriff located in Parking Lot #5 or call (310) 287-4311.

Parking regulations are provided to ensure safe and accessible parking to students and staff at West Los Angeles College (WLAC). Students and staff are required to adhere to all driving and parking regulations and posted signs throughout the campus. Violations can result in a citation.

A one-day or current semester parking permit must be displayed in the lower left corner of the front window of any student, employee or guest vehicle parked on campus. Failure to properly display a parking permit can result in a citation. Motorcycles and motorized bikes must display their sticker permits on the front shock sleeve. Affixing a photocopy of the motorcycle parking sticker is permissible; however, the original permit must be presented when requested by Campus Sheriffs. Motorcycle and motorized bike parking is allowed in all student lots.

  • Students may not park in WLAC STAFF/FACULTY Parking spots.
  • Metered parking stalls are used primarily for visitors. Students with a permit may use the meter, BUT THEY STILL MUST PAY.
  • All vehicles must be parked clearly within a designated parking stall. Backing into a parking spot is not permitted.
  • Vehicles parked in spaces designated for “Disabled or Handicapped Only” must display a valid handicapped permit or placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle and their WLAC parking permit.

Vehicles parking in areas designated as tow-away zones will be towed away – no exceptions. Please check fences and curbs for tow-away signs. ALL POSTED CAMPUS TRAFFIC AND PARKING REGULATIONS WILL BE ENFORCED. Parking on campus is a privilege, and permission to park may be revoked at any time.

West Los Angeles College assumes no responsibility for damage to any motor vehicle, theft of its contents, or injury to persons operating such vehicles on or off the campus.

The maximum speed limit is eight (8) miles per hour on all parking facilities and 25 miles per hour on campus roads. All persons driving a vehicle on the campus are required to comply with the traffic laws of the State of California and the rules and regulations pursuant to Section 21113A of the California Vehicle Code. Violations of any of the regulations set forth below may result in a citation being issued.

Section 21113A. CVC grants the President of West Los Angeles College authority to regulate and impose special conditions regarding traffic and parking regulations which include the authority to have vehicles which block traffic flow and pose a safety hazard, or are abandoned with no license towed away at the owner’s expense.