Student Success Stories

Tired of Crawling

Portrait of Student Ben A

Ben A.

UCSD Engineering

After one too many times of crawling through ducts and encountering rats, Ben enrolled at West where he excelled in computer science / information technology. After being accepted to USC and UC Santa Cruz, Ben chose UC San Diego and its nationally ranked Engineering Department.

A New Start

Portrait of Rita W

Rita W.


After being laid off , IT Professional Rita Walsh enrolled at West to enhance her skills. She was referred to, and won, a SQL Developer internship at American Apparel where she was able to apply what she was learning in Oracle Data Base Administration, Access, and ASP.NET. “The classes enhanced my versatility as a program developer,” she said. Today, Rita is a developer for a major health care provider with over 3,500 employees.

Upgrading Skills with VMWare

Kleanthi M. - DUSD IT Team
Kleanthi was a working professional with a B.S. in Electronic Engineering when he enrolled at West to prepare for certification test in CCNA and VCP. "Over the last years, I have had to deal more and more with the virtualization arena and I really wanted to get my VCP certification to enhance my career abilities further. I was searching for a provider that wasn't going to cost me a fortune, but the cheapest one was around $3,000 for a 5-day class. It was so nice to see that West Los Angeles College was offering the VMWare IT Academy. The material was easy to access and the recommended books helped me a lot on passing the VCP exam on the first try."

Danny’s Success Story Q & A

Do you have a degree? why did you come to West pursuing another career opportunity?

Prior to coming to West LA College I did not have a degree, so the reason I came to West was to pursue an Associate degree in Computer Science and eventually transfer to a University. Read more here...