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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in enrolling in an Associate degree or Certificate of Achievement Program. How do I start?
Students need to file the College Application

What is the cost of tuition at West LA College?
The cost varies, please see the Financial Aid homepage for details on the cost of tuition, located at: www.wlac.edu/financial-aid

How can I get the CISCO CCNA Information?
Click here to see frequently asked questions about the CISCO CCNA program.

Does WLAC hold CompTIA certification exam on campus?
No, our course material aligns with CompTIA certification exam, but we do not hold certification exam on campus, please follow the link for information about taking ComTIA Exam web page.

Which classes should I take to prepare for CompTIA certifications?
Follow this link for CompTIA, A+, Network+, Security+ and Linux+ CompTIA Certification Preparation page.

Are discounts available for the CompTIA Exam?
Yes! Follow this link for information on CompTIA Certification Exam Discount Vouchers.

How often are classes offered? When do classes start?
Classes are offered around the year in the fall, winter, spring and summer.

The traditional fall and spring semester are 16 weeks long. Fall semester begins around the end of August. Spring begins in the beginning of February. Some spring and fall classes are only 8 weeks long. They start the first week or the ninth week of the fall and spring semester.

Summer and winter session classes are between 6 to 8 weeks long.

Check the Academic Calendar for further details and important dates.

Which classes are offered this semester? What are offered next semester?
You have two options: the searchable schedule and the printed schedule[pdf], and both can be found at the Class Schedule page. We recommend using the searchable schedule as it reflects the latest updates to the class schedule.

How do I navigate the searchable schedule?
To search for classes:

  1. Go to www.wlac.edu, click on "Class Schedule" in the small yellow box above the search bar.
  2. Scroll down to the most recent semester and year and click the Searchable Schedule. Do not use the printed schedule[pdf] which can be outdated. This will take you to the “Search for Classes” page.
  3. Make sure you change the term to your desired term.
  4. Under "Class Search," make sure you select "West Los Angeles College" as your campus.
  5. Still under "Class Search," in the "Subject," type "CS" or "CIS"
  6. Hit search to search within the “CS” or “CIS” classes.

I have questions for the professor. When and where are they available?
You can contact the professors via email or in person. Follow this links for the professor email addresses or office hours.

What degrees, certificates & industry technologies area available at WLAC?
Click here for Degrees, Certificates & Industry Certifications

Where do I start?
Decide on your goals.

What classes are required for an AS (Associates of Computer Science Information Technology degree)?
There are three tracks you can follow. Follow links for roadmaps of each track’s required classes

What classes are required if I wish to pursue a certificate of Achievement (or Update my skills)?
There are seven tracks you can follow. Follow the links for a program overview. Once there you scroll down to the roadmap link.


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