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Online Degrees

*West offers the following degrees online, including all major and general education requirements with the exception of Math. Students can take Math online with one of our LACCD sister colleges or one of our University Partners

Dental Hygiene (Bachelor of Science) - AS to BS Degree - ALL ONLINE!

An Associate Degree is granted to recognize a student’s completion of an organized program of study consisting of a minimum of 60 degree-applicable semester units. A residency requirement along with a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. Students who earn degrees will be invited to attend the graduation ceremony at the end of the Spring semester. See a list of online Associate Degrees offered here:

We also offer various Associate Degrees for Transfer. You may transfer directly to a U.C. or a Cal State. See a list of online Associate Degree for Transfer here:

For complete information on Transfer Associate Degree requirements, the student should refer to “Graduation Requirements” and to “Transfer Requirements”. Lower-division requirements of four-year colleges and universities are found under “Transfer Requirements.” Because baccalaureate institutions differ in their majors’ requirements, it is vitally important for transfer students to consult with a counselor before registration to get the best available information about courses they need to take.

Online College

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