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CWEE: Student Information

CWEE Orientation

To access the Fall 2022 CWEE online orientation, enroll in section #19525 and complete all modules in canvas. You will need to screenshot the badge confirmation page and attach it to the online application packet submission. 


The Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program helps students achieve their educational and career goals through internships. This is a unique experience for students because it provides an opportunity to combine classroom education with mentored work experience. 

Cooperative Education Eligibility


  1. The student must be employed, volunteering, or interning prior to registering for CWEE. Students must be employed a minimum of 5 to 20 hours per week during the semester.
  2. Student must be concurrently enrolled in and complete at least one additional class at WLAC or a U.S. accredited regional institution.
    • The class can be a credit or non-credit.
    • The employment prep seminar classes student must enroll in satisfies this requirement.
  3. The application packet requires students, in partnership with their supervisor, to create measurable workplace learning objectives to be achieved during the semester of enrollment.
  4. The employer/intern partner must sign the Cooperative Education Work Experience Agreement.
    • The agreement will be sent by the CWEE Coordinator to the employer through AdobeSign with a welcome letter after the student enrolls in the CWEE class.

Important: Self-employed students are eligible to participate if they can provide someone to objectively evaluate their work, and verify their hours.

Schedule of Classes

Here's how to get started:

Prospective students must first apply for admissions if they are new or returning students to West Los Angeles College. To apply for admissions at WLAC visit the click here


Step 1

  • You MUST be working!

Step 2

  • Determine the number of units you can enroll based upon the amount of hours you will work during the semester.

Step 3

  • Enroll and Complete the CWEE Orientation through canvas (section # is listed above) and screenshot completion badge.

Step 4

Step 5

  • Complete the Workplace Learning Objectives Agreement with the employer input and approval.
    • Submit your Workplace Learning Objectives Agreement through CCN
    • Instructions on how to submit Workplace Learning Objectives Agreement through CCN.

Step 6

  • Send an email to the CWEE Office to schedule an appointment to meet with the CWEE Coordinator.
    • You can also make an appointment through CCN Schedule an Appointment, select Cooperative Education Intake meeting, select the available date, and time and click on "Book It!".
    • Show up to your appointment to have your application packet and agreement reviewed by a CWEE. A permission number to add the CWEE class and Emp. prep seminars will be provided for registration upon review and approval of application/agreement.

Step 7

  • Enroll in the CWEE Course. 
  • First-time students must enroll in the Employment Prep. Seminars.
  • Repeating students must enroll in our 21st Century Employability Skills program.
  • After you enroll in the CWEE program, work appropriate numbers of hours per unit enrolled during the length of the course.


PAID - Required Hours

UNPAID - Required Hours


 75 hours

 60 hours


 150 hours

 120 hours


 225 hours

 180 hours


 *300 hours

 *work must be major-related

*240 hours 

*work must be major-related


Step 8

  • After you enroll in the CWEE program, maintain a record CWEE experience and turn in your timesheet summary through CWEE canvas by the last week of class. Signature will be request via Adobe Sign by the CWEE office. 

Step 9

After you enroll in the CWEE program, complete the following in canvas:

  1. Online employment prep. seminar courses
  2. Student Evaluation
  3. Exit Survey
  4. Employer Evaluation (completed by employer)

Step 10

  • Submit all required forms online through the CWEE canvas

Required CWEE Student Forms:

Online Student Application

CWEE Student Expectations Contract

Voluntary Activity Participation Waiver

CWEE Registration Checklist

Steps to CWEE Student Success

Timesheet Summary Statement

Student Final Self Evaluation

Exit Survey


Student  Handbook

CWEE Handbook


FAQs - Students

Most Frequently Asked Questions