Summer Classes Registration News

June 17, 2024

By PR Office

Good News...
seats are opening in our Summer classes!

However, to register for many of our Summer classes, you will need a Permission Number from the instructor. Email the instructor to receive the permission number.

  • Why has this new system been implemented? 
    Unfortunately, "bots" are taking the spots of students interested in actually completing classes. Therefore, additional measures are being taken to keep seats available for you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • What do I do with the Permission Number?
    You will enter it in the Student Portal at

​​(how to video)



  • How do I know if my class requires a Permission Number to enroll?
    Click on the "Section" cell of the class listing in the searchable schedule. Then read the "Class Notes." If a Permission Number is required, it will say so there.
Screen print of search class schedule