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DSPS Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer


Due to COVID -19, DSPS is servicing students remotely. The campus is closed.

Do I need to apply to WLAC DSPS if I am already part of another LACCD DSPS?

Yes, you still need to apply to WLAC DSPS even if you are already registered in DSPS at another campus.

How do I apply for DSPS?

  1. You must complete the DSPS application
  2. Make sure you have verification of your disability
  3. Email to request an intake appointment and attach both the DSPS application and verification of disability

Continuing Student

Every semester, continuing students need to fill out a DSPS Student Update and email it to to receive counseling services, accommodations, and DSPS tutoring.

Returning Student (one year of not being active with DSPS)

  1. Complete the DSPS application
  2. Verification of your disability (if it has been more than five years, you will need to resubmit)
  3. Email to request an intake appointment and attach both the DSPS application and verification of disability
  4. State that you are a returning student and the last time you were active with WLAC DSPS (Semester and Year).

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may schedule an appointment by emailing

When do I need to make an appointment?

Students need to make an appointment for the following:

  • New or returning student intake
  • Student Educational Plan
  • Accommodation adjustment
  • Issues with a course or instructor
  • Registration & course selection
  • Appeals
  • Transcript Evaluation & File degree/certification petition,
  • Educational Planning
  • Change with majors, home school, or ED goal

How to access an online appointment via Cranium Cafe

  1. You will receive a link in the confirmation email
  2. At the time of appointment, click on the link
  3. Sign in to Cranium Cafe
  4. You will be placed in a virtual lobby
  5. Wait for a DSPS Specialist to appear and let you into the meeting.

When should I request accommodations?

As soon as you register for classes. Accommodations are completed in five business days.

Note: No accommodation requests will be accepted during finals week.

How do I request accommodations?

New Students: First, apply to DSPS. If accommodations were not given during the intake appointment, please schedule a follow-up appointment to request accommodations.

Returning Students: Please complete the Student Update and Accommodation Request and send the forms to A DSPS Specialist will send your accommodation letters to your instructors.

*Note: A student must be registered in the class to receive accommodation for the course. We do not give accommodations for classes taken at other campuses.

Does DSPS offer tutoring?

Yes, DSPS offers free tutoring. You may schedule an online appointment by emailing one of our tutors.


Does DSPS conduct testing for learning disabilities?

Yes, but testing is on hold during COVID19 restrictions. Testing will resume when the campus reopens. To place your name on the list for testing, email Dr. Bowen at

What do I do if I am unsure if I have a learning disability?

Email to schedule an appointment with the LD Specialist to evaluate if you are eligible for LD testing.

What if I am struggling in my classes and am not sure if I qualify for DSPS services?

Email and we will review the eligibility criteria with you.

Proctoring Exams

If accommodation states extra time on quizzes/exams, instructors are able to extend time in Canvas. For further questions, contact DSPS

How do I request an ASL interpreter for an intake appointment?

Email to make an appointment and state that you are requesting an ASL interpreter for the appointment.

Note: It can take up to five business days to provide interpreting services.