West Coast Los Angeles Building

11th Annual Student Poster Showcase Winners!

Bio 006

3rd Place: Alexander Park - "The New Edge of Gene Editing"

2nd Place: Diana Salazar - "Improve Mitochondrial Efficiency with Low Fat Plant Based Diet"

1st Place: Hena Lonappan - "Exercise and the Effects on Aging"

Bio 007

3rd Place: Lee Bubliil - "Tardigrades: The Most Indestructible Animal of the Sea & Above"

2nd Place: Nicole Guilardi - "Errors in Meiosis: It's Effects on Fertility"

1st Place: David Dexter - "Ulcers: An Ancient Disease with a Modern Cure"

Dental Hygiene 489 & 305

3rd Place: Ashlie Santisteven, Brandee Thomas, and Jasmine Whaley - “Dental Appointment Cancellation, is Covid-19 the Culprit?"

2nd Place: Emily Odio, Karen Martinez, and Vanessa Gomez - "Reducing Stains Using Silver Diamine Fluoride and Potassium Iodine"

1st Place: Sahar Adasha, Shana Bakhshayandeh, and Cloe Cracun - "Subgingival Application of Curcumin (Turmeric) Gel"

Dental Hygiene 355

3rd Place: Emma Urosevic, Jennifer Marsumoto, and Lucca Cruz-Vallejo - "Is Dark Chocolate Good for Your Teeth"

2nd Place: Stephanie Gonzalez, Yajhaira Dominguez, and Shaina Wolff - "Balancing your Oral pH while enjoying wine time"

1st Place: Rhianon Canlon, Diana Castro Ramirez, and Ailexa Woodward - "The effect of Coffee on Oral Health"

Biology, Health and Microbiology

3rd Place: Jeongeui Yee - "Understanding the Side Effects of Covid-19 Vaccine"

2nd Place: Patrick Ihesiaba - "Anaphylaxis"

1st Place: Max Jordan - "Asthma the Incurable Nuisance"

Theater and Hospitality

2nd Place: Chris Armstead - "Hospitality During the Pandemic!"

1st Place: Chris Armstead - "Getting Back to Normal"

ASO Prizes for Creativity & Resourcefulness

3rd Place: Ciara Cipponeri - "The Yucca & it's Moth"

2nd Place: Abril Sernas-Hernandez - "The Blood in Our Bodies"

1st Place: Sara Copper, Golnaz Khonsari, and Elizabeth Lujano - "The Battle of Bruxism"