Inside a plane cockpit

Why Avionics?

Why West?

As aircraft systems become more electronically complex, there is a critical need for advanced training in avionics, the advanced electronic systems that perform a range of functions including engine controls, flight controls, navigation, and more.  Employers are looking for avionics technicians trained in the fundamentals of avionics theory, with a heavy emphasis on avionics troubleshooting skills, plus hands-on aircraft experience, an FCC license, and aircraft electronics certifications. The WLAC avionics program was designed to meet this demand.
Since 1974, WLAC has assisted thousands of students to obtain their Airframe and/or Powerplant (A and P) licenses, the two FAA certificates required to become an aviation maintenance technician. Located adjacent to LAX, WLAC enjoys a strong connection to the aviation industry, including partnerships with The Boeing Company, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Supernal, and more.  These employers approached WLAC seeking to partner in the development of an avionics bachelor's degree program to address shortages of trained personnel.  
In June 2023, the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology: Avionics was granted full approval by the State Chancellor’s Office. The first cohort will launch in Fall 2024.
Career opportunities in avionics include roles in avionics testing and troubleshooting, airline technical support, and production test manufacturing. Job prospects and wages are excellent, with annual mean wages reaching $90,000 per year, and 6 percent job growth predicted in over the next ten years in California (source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology: Avionics is designed to meet a critical demand for highly skilled technicians capable of troubleshooting complex aircraft, spacecraft and satellite systems by applying high-level critical and analytical skills. As technological advances increase the need for interdisciplinary collaboration, avionics technicians must also have the ability to communicate and organize sophisticated ideas in order to improve safety and maintenance reliability and lead programs and personnel.  
As holders of a baccalaureate degree, graduates will possess the critical thinking, communication and leadership skills to become managers, reliability engineers, business owners, and other mid-level professionals. Graduates will also be certified Airframe and Power Plant mechanics by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and licensed avionics technicians by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) in order to perform the necessary repairs and operational tests on all general and commercial airplanes.  
The upper-division avionics curriculum is planned sequentially to be completed in two years. Courses are open only to students accepted into the Avionics Program, who have completed all CSU or IGETC General Education Breadth Requirements for certification and all aviation maintenance technology prerequisites.   

To Apply

Before applying to the Avionics Program, you must become a West Los Angeles College student.

To apply to the College, click West Los Angeles College Application page.

Once you have applied to WLAC and have an active Student ID number, submit the Bachelor of Science in AMT: Avionics Program Application