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About the Program

The WLAC Aviation Maintenance Training Program was founded in 1974. This dynamic program is conducted in the most up-to-date facilities available for college aviation training in the region, if not the country. Graduates of the WLAC Airframe and Power Plant Programs have achieved their FAA license certification and successfully garnered high paying, professional aviation maintenance jobs with all levels of airlines and independent companies providing contract maintenance.

Courses are currently offered in the morning, afternoon and evening. The Aircraft Maintenance Program is a two-year and eight-weeks continuing program with classes during the spring & fall semesters, and summer sessions. Courses are conducted in an eight-weeks format (two eight-weeks in one semester); 5.75 hours (lecture + lab) a day, Monday through Thursday, not including outside study time. Aviation Maintenance Technician Classes 1-24 must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Upon qualifying by written, oral, and practical examination, students are issued Federal Aviation Administration licenses.


Student Cohorts

Students move through our programs in groups at one of the following time slots Monday - Thursday:

  • Mornings: 6:35 am – 12:20 pm
  • Mornings: 8:00 am - 1:30 pm
  • Afternoons: 2:00 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Evenings: 4:30 pm – 10:30 pm


  • AVIATEK 001 Maintenance Procedures
  • AVIATEK 002 Maintenance Procedures Lab
  • AVIATEK 003 Basic Aircraft Science
  • AVIATEK 004 Basic Aircraft Science Lab
  • AVIATEK 005 Basic Electricity and Auxiliary Systems
  • AVIATEK 006 Basic Electricity and Auxiliary Systems Lab
  • AVIATEK 007 Electrical and Instrument Systems
  • AVIATEK 008 Electrical and Instrument Systems Lab
  • AVIATEK 009 Assembly, Rigging, and Inspection
  • AVIATEK 010 Assembly, Rigging, and Inspection Lab
  • AVIATEK 011 Aircraft Metal Assembly
  • AVIATEK 012 Aircraft Metal Assembly Lab
  • AVIATEK 013 Hydraulic, Landing Gear, and Fuel Systems
  • AVIATEK 014 Hydraulic, Landing Gear, and Fuel Systems Lab
  • AVIATEK 015 Propeller and Power Plant Systems
  • AVIATEK 016 Propeller and Power Plant Systems Lab
  • AVIATEK 017 Ignition and Fuel Metering Systems
  • AVIATEK 018 Ignition and Fuel Metering Systems Lab
  • AVIATEK 019 Reciprocating Power Plant Overhaul
  • AVIATEK 020 Reciprocating Power Plant Overhaul Lab
  • AVIATEK 021 Power Plant Troubleshooting & Testing
  • AVIATEK 022 Power Plant Troubleshooting & Testing Lab
  • AVIATEK 023 Inspection and Evaluation
  • AVIATEK 024 Inspection and Evaluation Lab

Student Achievements

Students at the Aviation Maintenance Competition

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Aviation Student

2018 - West beats the pros AGAIN at the Aviation Maintenance Competition...

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Rudy Triviso, Applied Technology Division Chair
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Ed Guzman, Course Advisors
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