Parking Information & Passes

Preferred Information and Passes Flyer
SPRING 2023: Parking remains FREE in student/guest parking lots, which include Lots #5, #7, #8a, the South Parking Structure, and the PE Lot.


Semester Parking Pass

Parking passes go on sale from 2 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester.


Cost of Parking Passes

Fall and Spring semester passes are $27 Preferred Parking (includes ASO Fee & Other Perks) or $20 Regular Parking. Winter and Summer intersession passes are $10 Preferred Parking and $7 Regular Parking.


Options for Buying a Parking Pass
  • OPTION 1: Buy Online via the SIS Student Portal. Parking pass MUST BE picked up at the Business Office and will not be mailed. For how-to information on buying via the Student Portal, click here for the PDF.
  • OPTION 2: Buy at the Business Office in the Student Services Building (SSB, 2nd Floor). Lines for the Business Office are often long in the few weeks before and after the start of a semester.


Grace Period

A parking pass is NOT required during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters, and the first week of the Winter and Summer intersessions. After the grace period, vehicles which are not displaying a semester or one-day parking pass will be cited.


Lost/Stolen Pass & Refunds

To replace a lost or stolen parking pass, the student must purchase a new parking pass at full price at the Business Office. To file a report about a stolen parking pass, please contact the Sheriff’s Office located in Parking Lot #5 or call (310) 287-4311.

Refunds are issued for only a limited period just prior to and after the start of a semester. To receive a refund, you must appear in person at the Business Office in the Student Services Building (SSB) with the parking pass.


One-Day Parking Pass

One-day passes are on sale at parking dispensers in all of the student/guest lots on campus. The pass is $2.00. These machines do not give change nor accept coins. Please have two single dollar bills.