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Art, Cinema, Dance, Multimedia, Music, Theater
Elise Forier Edie
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Film Production
Laura Guichard, Acting Chair
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Art & Performance

Programs Offered 




The ARTS & PERFORMANCE Division offers courses in Art, Cinema, Dance, Film/TV Production Crafts, Multimedia, Music Appreciation/History and Theater.
ART: The Art curriculum includes degree and certificate options and has been planned for those intending to enter the fields of design, illustration, art history, and art education.
CINEMA: Students earning a skill certificate in Cinema acquire a broad, general understanding of film theory, history, and production. Students will get hands-on experience in film production and be instructed in the mechanics of writing for film.
DANCE: West offers a variety of dance courses for students at every level. Check the class schedule for current offerings.

FILM/TV PRODUCTION CRAFTS: The Motion Picture, Television and Stage Production Crafts Program is a multi-tiered motion picture, television and stagecraft production education training program that covers the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry's career pathways, including crafts such as grip, set lighting, costuming, set painting and set decorating, as well as more traditional disciplines such as camera, sound and editing. Upon completing the certificate program, students will be able to apply for entry-level positions.


MULTIMEDIA: West offers several Multimedia courses including Digital Editing, Web Design, Motion Graphics, and Interactive Media Design.  Check the class schedule for current offerings.


MUSIC: West offers Music Appreciation and History courses.  Check the class schedule for current offerings.

THEATER: Students studying Theater Arts at West get hands-on opportunities to act, direct, write, and create costumes, props and sets.