LA5 Rotary Scholarships Contribute to Success of Dental Hygiene Students

September 5, 2023

By PR Office

There was one more bar to clear for the West Los Angeles College 2023 graduates before they could enter the lucrative career for which they had trained as dental hygienists. That bar was the ADEX Dental Hygiene Clinical Exam. But the cost of the exam can present a challenge for graduates, many of whom are from low-income families and/or are first generation college students. That is why the LA5 Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles stepped in with a generous donation to cover fees for 10 students.

As of this August, those 10 students, along with one hundred percent of the rest of the 2023 class, passed the exam.

“Had it not been for the LA5 Rotary Club’s generous scholarship, the worry of covering the examination fees could have overwhelmed my preparation and performance. This assistance allowed me to approach the exam with a clear mind,” said student Mina Ghorbani.

“Coming from a low-income family, my main reason behind this career choice is to eventually be more financially secure and be able to help those around me,” said student Crystal Franco-Meza. “Knowing that there is someone out there who believes in me and is willing to support my dreams enables me to keep working towards them.”

West is one of only 30 California Community Colleges authorized to offer a Bachelor’s Degree. In fact, West offers two, one in Avionics and the other in Dental Hygiene. Even when the Dental Hygiene path culminated in an Associate Degree, the program had a reputation of consistent 100 percent passage rates for graduating classes for over a decade. By elevating the program to a Bachelor’s Degree, West graduates have higher earning and additional employment options beyond assisting dentists in the office. They can work independently, in teaching, product representation and more.

“For most of our students, completing the dental hygiene bachelor’s degree here at West is life changing. But even with the significantly lower cost of our program over universities and career colleges, the tuition, equipment and exam expenses can seem daunting for some. Community partners like LA5 Rotary are invaluable in helping our students make it to the finish line.” said James M. Limbaugh, WLAC President.