ASO Presidential Candidate: Ivana Barlow

April 23, 2024

By PR Office


Ivana Barlow

Hello fellow students and faculty,

I am honored to stand before you today as a candidate for ASO President. My name is Ivana Barlow and I am deeply committed to representing the voices and interests of every student at our school. As your ASO President, I pledge to listen to your concerns, advocate for your needs, and work tirelessly to create a campus community that is inclusive, supportive, and empowering for all.

I believe that every student deserves a voice and a seat at the table, and I am dedicated to ensuring that each of you is heard and valued. It has been my pleasure to serve as an ASO Executive Board member since 2022. This experience allows me to bring a unique perspective and skill set to this role of President. I know what it means to show up and the importance of connecting with our student body. One of my goals as the President will be to support our Campus Clubs and their recruiting process. I am a natural leader, a creative thinker, and a passionate advocate for positive change. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and work alongside each of you to create meaningful programs and initiatives that enhance our school experience and make a lasting impact on our community. But most importantly, I am here because I care. I care about each and every one of you, your aspirations, your challenges, and your dreams. I believe that by coming together, we can achieve great things and create a campus environment where everyone thrives. So, I humbly ask for your support and your vote. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can build a stronger, more united community. Together, we can create a brighter future for all of us. Thank you for your time and consideration. Let’s make West LA College the best it can be.

Vote for me, Ivana Barlow, for ASO President.

Thank you.