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Students interested in this area may also be interested in the Addiction Studies program.

West's Psychology Department has a comprehensive selection of courses providing quality instruction to all students whether they are Psychology Majors, or traditional students looking for General Education (GE) credit, or non-traditional students seeking to round out their education. Courses are offered at a variety of convenient times and are taught by highly qualified instructors who are dedicated to making their classes as interesting and useful as possible.

Professional opportunities to which the curriculum could lead occur in the healing professions; natural sciences; marriage, child, and family counseling; industry and business; public health; and social welfare. Psychology also provides valuable background for those seeking careers in such fields as anthropology, sociology, social work, law, medicine, nursing and mental health facilities, geriatrics, and child development.


Associate Degree for Transfer in Psychology

The Associate of Arts degree in Psychology for Transfer provides students an overview of the major fields in psychology and examines behavior, growth, development and the well-being of individuals. The program offers students a comprehensive education in the content and method of the discipline. A variety of courses allow students to expand their intellectual horizons.

The curriculum also serves as an introduction to the helping professions for students planning to transfer to majors such as, Behavioral Science, Health Science, Human Services, Rehabilitation Counseling, Social Work, Substance Abuse Counseling, and other majors.

Students who successfully complete the Associate of Arts degree in Psychology for Transfer will be guaranteed admission to a California State University. The AA degree in Psychology for Transfer meets the requirements for SB1440 for Associate Degrees for Transfer. The degrees were developed to ease the transfer process for students to the CSU.

Associate Degree in Psychology

The Associate in Arts degree in Psychology is designed for those who want to complete a baccalaureate degree in the field. Emphasis is placed on meeting lower-division requirements at a four-year institution.

Students who wish to obtain an Associate Degree in Psychology may do so by completing the course requirements listed in the college catalog as well as WLAC requirements for an Associate degree. Transfer students should consult the Counseling Office for major preparation and general education requirements of the particular transfer institution of their choice.

Associate Degree for Transfer in Social Work

The AAT in Social Work is an introduction to the vast field of social work and an understanding of the human experience in the context of the social world. This program guides learners to develop values, knowledge, and a generalist understanding that is essential to the practice of social work. It prepares students for entry-level positions in social work and social services, and it also leads students to transfer into a bachelor's degree program in social work or related human services. 

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