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Certificate of Achievement in Mobile Application Development

West Los Angeles College’s Certificate of Achievement in Mobile Application Development responds to the growing demand for highly skilled Mobile Application Developers. Large and small corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations, and civic and governmental agencies are rushing to ensure that their customers have direct access to their services and products through mobile applications. Smartphone applications are points of sale for many transactions. There is a growing imperative to develop mobile applications so that consumers can access services/products from anywhere, anytime. This has created a wide range of employment opportunities and options for individuals who have the ability to develop these mobile applications. West Los Angeles College will tap into this market and help students learn mobile application development so that they can succeed in their career and educational goals.

CIS 148: Introduction to Web Development HTML5 and CSS

This course teaches students how to build web pages using HTML5 with additional options to give your web pages fancy styles using CSS. Students will get hands-on experience as they build various web pages from scratch. The topics covered include designing basic layout of the page, creating pages with images, links, Forms, Tables, and Media elements using inline, internal, or external CSS. Advance topics such as JavaScript and JQuery will also be discussed, briefly. This class will prepare the student for Entry Level HTML CSS Developer jobs.

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Applied Technology & Computer Science

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Mobile Application Development Essentials

Only requires three courses:
CS 101, CS 140 and CIS 148

Mobile Application Development Essentials

Certificate Program (9 units)

The Certificate of Achievement in Mobile Application Development Essentials provides students with a high-quality education that prepares them for a professional career in Mobile Application development as a member of a Mobile Application Development team. The curriculum prepares students to develop mobile applications for popular platforms such as Apple iOS.

  • Design and develop, implement various mobile applications for platforms such as iOS
  • Understand how to design various screens navigation between screens events and event handling for a mobile application
  • Deploy the mobile applications to mobile app stores
  • To complete the Certificate of Achievement in Mobile Application Development Essentials students must complete all of the program course requirements

CS 101: Introduction to Computer Science

This course is designed to take the student through the various aspects of writing algorithms to be used in computer programming. It introduces students to programming language Python, computer architecture and number systems. It covers functions, arrays, loops, Boolean logic, branching instructions and basic data types.

CS 140: Programming for Mobile Application

This course provides students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of mobile application development. Students will learn how to create applications to deploy and run on mobile devices such as iPhone or Android. The latest technology will be introduced in the class and student will learn to use the latest programming language to write software to run under iOS or Android and develop their programs.