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Interested in working in the Biotech field and want to gain hands-on laboratory experience?

The Science Division is now offering a certificate program in Biotechnology.

  • Certificate of Achievement Lab Technician 

Contact Dr. Patricia Zuk,, for more details.


Climate Change and Environmental Studies

Interested in climate change? Inquire about our new and exciting Climate Change and Environmental Studies Program

Contact Dr. Jenna Cole, for more details.






Life & Physical Science

Enrollment Assistance 

Having Trouble Enrolling Due to a Prerequisite?

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Associate Degrees for Transfer (60 units)

  • AST in Biology: 35 major units; 31 to 33 GE units & 1 to 3 elective units
  • AST in Physics: 30 major units; 37 GE units

Ask your Science Faculty or Counselor for more information!!


Associate Degrees (60 units)


Read About Career Possibilities in Science



Dr. Abraha Bahta

Welcome to the Science Division Website. The goal of this website is to provide you with information about the numerous science programs, the faculty, and the staff that run these programs. The Science Division houses thirteen science disciplines and currently has thirteen full-time faculty and over thirty adjuncts. West’s science instructors are supported by two full-time and two half-time laboratory technicians; they are dedicated professionals who help our students reach their goals by providing quality instructions with a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and intellectual development. 

The Division's instructional facilities are housed in the Math-Science Building (MSA and MSB). The MSA building houses numerous lecture rooms and laboratory classrooms for: Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geology, Microbiology, Oceanography, Physics and Physiology. All of our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and accessories.

We offer many certificate, degree and transfer courses and programs. Virtually all of our courses satisfy the IGETC and CSU requirements. Whether you are a science major or wish to be an engineer, doctor, nurse, occupational therapist, dental hygienist, physicians assistant or a pharmacist or are a non-science majors simply seeking to fulfill a GE requirement, Science Division courses are part of established road maps that will guide you to meet your educational goals.

More information about the courses and programs available with the various science disciplines is provided in the Program and Course Sections of the college catalog.

Need a General Education (GE) Science credit with a laboratory and don't know what to take? 

The Science Division offers a variety of GE science courses with and without labs so be sure to check them out!


GE courses with labs

Biology 3: Introduction to Biology (4 units)

Biology 10: Natural History (4 units)

Geography 1: Physical Geography lecture - 3 units 

Geography 15: Physical Geography lab - 1 unit

Geology 1: Physical Geology lecture - 3 units

Geology 6: Physical Geology lab - 1 unit

Chemistry 51: Fundamentals of Chemistry - 5 units


GE courses without lab

Environmental Science 1 (3 units)

Oceanography 1 (3 units)


Sections are now open. 

Science Division Courses

The Science Division offers courses that are divided into two disciplines: Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. In Life Sciences, students can take courses such as Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology in preparation for a degree in Biological Sciences or a career in the Health Sciences. The Physical Science discipline includes courses such as chemistry, physics, geology and the earth sciences. Below is a list of all courses offered within the Science Division.

For more information about a particular displipline or course, simply click on the desired webpage link above.


Life Science Courses

  • ANATOMY 1 - Human Anatomy (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • MICROBIOLOGY 20 - General Microbiology (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • PHYSIOLOGY 1 - Human Physiology (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • BIOLOGY 3 - Introduction to Biology (4 Units total - UC/CSU transferable)
  • BIOLOGY 6 - General Biology I (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • BIOLOGY 7 - General Biology II (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • BIOLOGY 10 - Natural History (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • BIOLOGY 110 - General Biology III - Genetic Analysis & Biotechnology (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 1 - The Human Environment: Physical Processes (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 2 - The Human Environment: Biological Processes (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)


Physical Science Courses

  • CHEMISTRY 51 - Fundamentals of Chemistry I (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISTRY 60 - Introduction to General Chemistry (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISTRY 66 - Organic & Biochemistry for Allied Health (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISTRY 101 - General Chemistry I (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISTRY 102 - General Chemistry II (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISTRY 211 - Organic Chemistry for Science Majors I (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISRY 212 - Organic Chemistry for Science Majors II (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • CHEMISTRY 221 - Biochemistry for Science Majors II (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • EARTH SCIENCE 1 - Earth Science Lecture (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • EARTH SCIENCE 2 - Earth Science Laboratory (2 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • GEOLOGY 1 - Physical Geology Lecture (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • GEOLOGY 6 - Physical Geology Laboratory (2 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • GEOGRAPHY 1 - Physical Geography Lecture (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • GEOGRAPHY 15 - Physical Geography Laboratory (2 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • OCEANOGRAPHY 1 - Introduction to Oceanography (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • ASTRONOMY 1 - Elementary Astronomy (3 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • ASTRONOMY 5 - Fundamentals of Astronomy Laboratory (1 Unit - UC/CSU transferable)
  • PHYSICS 6 - General Physics I (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • PHYSICS 7 - General Physics II (4 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • PHYSICS 37 - Physics for Engineers & Scientists I (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • PHYSICS 38 - Physics for Engineers & Scientists II (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)
  • PHYSICS 39 - Physics for Engineers & Scientists III (5 Units - UC/CSU transferable)