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Blackbox Theater
HLRC 115 (HLRC 1st floor, opposite of entrance to Library)


Theater Arts

Associate Arts Degree Offered

  • Major Code 1007.1


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Students studying Theater Arts at West get hands-on opportunities to act, direct, write, and create costumes, props and sets. 

The Associate of Arts degree in Theater offers students coursework that aligns with specific lower-division major requirements at various universities within the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems. Students interested in transfering to a four-year university with a major in Theater are encouraged to visit the Transfer Center for complete information regarding transfer requirements for the institution of their choice.

Suggested course of study for Theater Arts majors (in conjunction with other AA degree requirements):


Year One

Fall Semester

Theater 110 - History of World Theater OR

Theater 100 - Introduction to Theater

Theater 270 - Beginning Acting


Spring Semester

Theater 231 or Theater 232 orTheater 233 - Play Production 

Theater 271 - Intermediate Acting


Year Two

Fall Semester

Theater 114 - Script Analysis

Dance Techniques 111 - Ballet Techniques 1


Spring Semester

Theater 305 - Introduction to Design for the Theater


Other Theater Courses Offered (but not required for the degree)

  • Theater 130 - Playwriting 
  • Theater 200 - Introduction to Acting
  • Theater 265 - Movement for the Theater
  • Theater 278 - Acting for Film and Television