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Certificate Petitions



Please read each step and follow the instructions carefully, or make an appointment with a counselor for help with this process at  Only online submissions for certificates will be accepted.  Paper submissions are invalid.

Step 1                    

Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended must be on file in the Office of Admissions and Records except for LACCD campuses.   Transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution to West.  No transcripts will be accepted if the student brings them in person, even if they are sealed.


Step 2                    

A Transcript Evaluation Petition must be filled out requesting transfer credit for courses taken outside of the LACCD or you are trying to substitute a course or receiving credit from test scores.

Note:  Students who are applying for a Paralegal Studies Certificate, please see the head of the Paralegal Department for an exit interview before submitting a Certificate Petition.  Those who do not complete an exit interview will be automatically denied.


Students who anticipate completing a Certificate or Skill Award must complete a Certificate Petition either by oneself or with a Counselor and submit online.



Note: An e-mail confirmation will be sent to your email after the last date for certificate petition submissions.  Check the Academic Calendar for deadlines.  Please save the link after submitting your petition if you want to make any future changes.

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