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Contact iformation & Location

(310) 287-4317


West Los Angeles College
Foster & Kinship Care Program
9000 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230

Student Services Building, 3rd Floor (SSB 330)





What is EOP&S?

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a state funded program. It provides services to enrolled students who are economically and educationally disadvantaged. EOP&S program's primary goal is to encourage the enrollment, retention and transfer of students handicapped by language, social, economic and educational disadvantages, and to facilitate the successful completion of their goals and objectives in college. EOP&S offers academic and support counseling, financial aid and other support services.


What type of services does EOP&S offer?

Outreach/Recruitment & Orientation

  • EOPS Orientation
  • Priority Registration

Student Support Services

  • Book Voucher Service
  • Caps and Gowns
  • Financial Aid Advisement

University Transfer

  • Admission Application Fee Waivers
  • Campus Visits
  • Transfer Information

Counseling/Peer Advisement

  • Academic Counseling
  • Peer Advisement
  • Personal Counseling
  • Retention
  • Student Education Plan
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Vocational/Career Counseling

Instructional Support

  • Tutoring
  • Study Skills Workshops

** Services are provided based on funding availability 

Eligible EOPS students that are also single parents receiving CALWORKs/Cash Aid are also eligible for additional services through the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program.


How do I qualify for the EOP&S Program?

  • You must be a full time student ( 12 units )
    • If you are a member of DSPS (Disabled Student Program and Services) you may enroll in less than 12 units.
  • Have less than 69-degree applicable units completed at any other college or university.
  • Have a fee waiver (BOGG) for the current semester; which can be obtained at the Financial Aid Office.
  • Be educationally disadvantaged according to state regulations.


Apply Now!!!

  • Complete an EOPS application as soon as you are registered in 12 units.
  • Submit the application in person at the EOP&S/CARE office SSB-330.
  • Provide a business office class printout of your schedule.
  • Provide an unofficial/official transcript of any previous attended colleges/universities with the application. (NOTE: If you have attended another college and do not attach a copy of your unofficial transcripts, your application will be delayed and/or denied)
  • After the application is reviewed, you will be notified over the telephone of your eligibility and scheduled a mandatory orientation.

What are my responsibilities as an EOP&S student?

Cooperative Agencies Resource for Education (CARE)

CARE is a special program for a unique group of EOP&S students. Administered through the EOP&S office, the CARE program provides additional services to students who are single parents, head-of-household, receiving public assistance from CalWORKs or TANF. Students who qualify for the CARE program are eligible to receive additional services in addition to those available under EOP&S including:

  • Childcare Assistance Grants
  • Additional Book Vouchers
  • Transportation Stipends
  • Single Parents Workshops
  • Community Resources Referral
  • Academic and Vocational Counseling
  • Personal/Crisis Counseling
  • And Much More!

**Services are available upon funding

EOP&S Counselors & Staff

Maria Mancia, Acting Dean of Student Services |

Alma Narez-Acosta, CARE Coordinator / Counselor |

Vidal Valle, Puente Coordinator / Counselor |

Dionne Morrissette, Student Services Aide |

Nancy Brambila, EOP&S Counselor |

Olivia Vallejo, EOP&S Counselor |