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About Library & Learning Resources


Mission Statement

The Division of Library & Learning Resources is located in the Heldman Learning Resource Center.  Consisting of two departments, Library and Learning Resources, and three disciplines, Learning Skills, Library Science and Education, it addresses the interests and needs of a wide spectrum of students.  From the student seeking tutorial assistance to the basic learner in English and in math skills to the serious researcher with the objective of critically identifying and synthesizing information and knowledge content, the Division’s goal is to provide an environment that actively supports all academic pursuits.

Consistent with the College's larger mission for student success, the three-fold mission of the Division of Library & Learning Resources is (1) to provide access to appropriate educational content and resources in a variety of formats, (2) to advance information competency across the curriculum, and (3) to support individual and collaborative learning in an environment that supports the free exchange of ideas, methodologies, and values.

The Library’s mission is accomplished through achieving the following objectives:

  • Identify, acquire, organize, preserve, and provide access to pertinent recorded knowledge to support pedagogical, study, and creative activities.
  • Recruit, hire, and retain, quality faculty and staff committed to delivering excellent services in response to the rapidly changing needs of the diverse user community.
  • Offer formal and informal instruction to promote information competency.
  • Provide an easily accessible, user-friendly and safe environment that fosters teaching and learning for both library users and library employees.
  • Apply appropriate technological innovations to achieve productivity and efficiency, as well as provide library services to distant learners and information seekers.
  • Communicate library services to raise awareness and promote partnerships with college organizations and departments, other libraries and educational institutions, and the local community.
  • Create a forward thinking, dynamic organization that is responsive and flexible in order to achieve its mission and goals.
  • Continue to improve the library’s effectiveness through systematic, ongoing outcome assessment.