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Online Tutoring


Online Tutoring


Online Tutoring Hours & Links 

West Los Angeles College students are provided learning support resources at no charge through the Learning Center’s tutoring services. The Learning Center offers tutoring to assist all West students with a variety of different subjects, ranging from writing to math to science. Tutors will assist students at any stage of the learning process and provide student-centered tutoring, which means believing in students’ abilities, building their confidence, respecting their experiences, and placing students in an active role in the learning process. Students are encouraged to visit the Learning Center early and often throughout the semester to help build a strong foundation for success in their courses.


Services we offer:

  • Live one-on-one or small group sessions with tutors
  • An area to submit assignments for tutor feedback
  • A Chat area to ask quick questions
  • Tutor-created resources and guides
Hours of Operation for Fall 2020:
  • Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 7 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm

WLAC Fall 2020 Tutoring Links

All students also have access to NetTutor. NetTutor covers additional subjects that the Learning Center does not, and their tutors may be available during hours where Learning Center tutors are not available. Please keep in mind that NetTutor tutors are not employed by West or the district. 

NetTutor Online Tutoring

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Live Chat with the Learning Center supervisor who is currently online.  Students may also 'Send Offline Message' to email a Learning Center supervisor.

Note: By using our online tutoring services, you are agreeing to be enrolled in a NONCREDIT Tutor 001T course. This course will appear on your transcripts, but it has NO bearing on your GPA, and no grade is assigned. Your enrollment allows us to report tutoring usage and receive funding to provide you with tutoring services."

Live Chat

To Live Chat with the any of the online staff and faculty, please follow the steps below. 

  • Step 1: Select the “Live Chat” tab on the employee card that is "online"
  • Step 2: Create an account or login to your account
  • Step 3: Wait for pop-up window to appear to start Live Chat


Video chat with Tutors on Cranium Cafe