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FI Visa: Forms & Petitions


The information below is designed to answer many of the most frequently asked questions. If you require additional assistance, please contact or visit the International Student Program (Student Services Building #410)

Please allow 5 business days for processing of all petitions, forms, and requests.


Check-In Form (SEVIS Registration)

The Check-In Form must be completed every Fall and Spring semester. It must be delivered in person to SSB 410.


Transfer-Out Form/Survey

The Transfer-Out Form must be completed to transfer your SEVIS record (i.e. Form I-20) to another school.


Reduced Course Load (RCL) Petition - Medical Authorization

Purpose: To enroll in classes less than full-time (i.e. in less than 12 units) due to medical.

Requirements: Student must have authorization from a medical professional.


Reduced Course Load (RCL) Petition - Final Semester

Purpose: To enroll in classes less than full-time (i.e. in less than 12 units) to complete a final semester.

Requirements: Student must have authorization from an academic counselor.


Concurrent Enrollment Petition

Purpose: To enroll in classes at another college/university

Requirements: Student must maintain full-time or part-time status at West. Coursework completed at other colleges/universities without prior approval will not be applied toward the student's full-time requirement.


Extend I-20 Petition

Purpose: To extend the program end date on your I-20

Requirements: The student's need to extend his/her I-20 must be due to academic or medical reasons outside of the student's control.


Online/Hybrid Verification Petition

Review, type and send the linked petition to if you wish to receive a letter verifying enrollment in online/hybrid courses at West.


Readmission Petition

Students that applied within the past 12 months are unable to update their application information; however, your information requires an update to offer you part-time OR full-time admission for the coming term. 



Employment opportunities are limited and should not be considered a source of income to meet minimum financial obligations. Student must obtain employment on his/her own, obtain an employment offer letter, obtain an LACCD employee number, then schedule an appointment with the International Student Program. You may begin by reviewing the following:


Optional Practical Training (OPT)

OPT provides students a legal employment/internship pathway. Review the link above for detailed instructions and eligibility requirements.  OPT approved students must create an SEVP Portal Account to meet their regulatory reporting requirements. Students are responsible for reporting changes to their employment, address, and phone number.


Change of Status Information

Review this document for instructions on changing your current visa type to F1 Visa. 


Express Mailing

Review this document for instructions on how to request out-of-country shipping to your home country.  


Medical Insurance (IMED)

Review the linked website to learn more about your health insurance plan, how to obtain your insurance card, how to find a doctor, and what to do in case of an emergency. IMED is automatically assigned to all F-1 Visa students at West without exemption (LACCD Board Rule 2309.20). 


Out of Status Comparison

Review the linked document if you were recently informed that your I-20 was terminated and you wish to gain admission to WLAC. 

NOTE: West does not issue Reinstatement I-20's for students that were terminated at another college/university; though we may consider issuing an Initial I-20.


Student Services Summary Sheet

Review the linked document for a quick reference to the locations, contact information, and free student success services available to West students. 


Termination Policy 

Review the linked document for current policies on student status. 


Travel Recommendations

Review the linked document for recommendations on re-entry to the U.S. as an F1 visa student.