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Saturday, May 13, 2017

9am - 1pm

Fine Arts Theatre, 100

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Creativity Studies




Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives. A leading researcher in positive psychology, he has devoted his life to studying what makes people truly happy: “When we are involved in [creativity], we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life.” He is the architect of the notion of “flow” -- the creative moment when a person is completely involved in an activity for its own sake.


Special Guest


“All the “R’s.” 360, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality: An Introduction and Creative Study.” Lucas Wilson is Founder and Executive Producer at SuperSphereVR (, a VR and AR content and technology company shaping entertaining, immersive VR experiences globally, with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Singapore. Wilson is also founder and CEO of Revelens, a technology company pioneering ad tech and interaction in VR and AR. Clients and partners include Walt Disney Pictures, FOX, Grey Advertising, Jaunt, DIRECTV, Samsung, Reebok, and many others.




WLAC Adjunct Professor of Sociology, video producer and on-camera host
who’s passion is to reach the masses with accessible, relatable content.






Dr. Jamie Orr --Theoretical physicist & TEDx speaker

The Creative Response: How can humans learn from the animal world to have a radical response to environmental change?





Ann Le Cam --SVP Production and Talent, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Reimagining Creativity: Transformative Leadership in Creative Markets. Transformative leadership can ignite the energy of a creative community and generate lasting change.





Shelli Wright -- Advertising
Creativity In Advertising - “Using Disruptive Marketing and Promotions to Break through the Clutter for Consumer Attention”
Holly Mandel -- Comedian
“Good Girls Aren’t Funny: How Gender Expectations Affect the Creative Edge”
Peter Mitsakos -- West Edge Architects 
“Creative Space: This Talk Explores the Impact of the Physical Environment or “Creative Spaces” on Individual and Group Creativity”


From West


English Professor Katherine Boutry, Ph.D. -- WLAC, Harvard

Creativity Takes Courage: This talk posits that underserved student populations demonstrate more creativity than traditional students because they convert obstacles to opportunities for growth simply by making it to campus each day.






Philosophy Professor Rick Mayock --WLAC  

The Philosophy of Creativity- How does something come from nothing?  From the beginning, the earliest philosophers have struggled with trying to make sense of creativity.







Communications Adjunct Professor Kevin Coffee - WLAC, Toastmaster DTM

“What Public Speaking Can Learn from Mathematics”






Re-Creativity: A WLAC Student Speaks on the Transgender Experience and Living on the Creative Edge