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Cooperative Education Starts in Spring 2021
We will be offering:
  • Coop Ed 195 (1 unit)
  • Coop Ed 295 (2 units)
  • Coop Ed 395 (3 units)

Spots are limited and only 10 students will be accepted in each course. 


Contact Information & Location

L: We are available Online

P: (310) 287-7215 

P: (310) 848-7400 (text)

Andrea Rodriguez-Blanco, Job Placement & Cooperative Work Experience Coordinator


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Cooperative Education is closed for in-person services. For assistance, please use the Help Desk option below or send an email to:


Cooperative Work Experience Education

Welcome to Cooperative Work Experience Education

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) provides a tremendous benefit to both students and employers. Students have an opportunity to explore their career path prior to graduation. Employers can preview talented students, who are applying practical academic studies in their workplace.



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Do you currently work, are you in an internship, or volunteering?

You can earn general credit units

Receive CSU transferable college credit for the hours you are currently working or volunteering!

  • Earn between 1 - 3 units

  • Non-traditional course with flexible times

  • Units count towards your general credit units

  • Polish your employability skills with our two built-in seminars 

Students can earn 1-3 units of college credit during semester. The unit breakdown is as follows:

Paid Positions

75 hours = 1 unit

150 hours = 2 units

225 hours = 3 units

Unpaid (Interns/Volunteers)

60 hours = 1 unit

120 hours = 2 units

180 hours = 3 units





Hours worked prior to receiving add code will not be counted.


Mission Statement

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is an important component of the education and training that students receive at West Los Angeles College. CWEE courses help students apply their classroom-based learning in an actual work environment. These courses provide experiential learning activities to strengthen student learning and reinforce the student’s effective work habits, attitudes, and career awareness, thereby enhancing the student’s marketable skills.

The CWEE Program adheres to the regulations for Cooperative Work Experience Education outlined in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and in the Los Angeles Community College District Work Experience Plan.