Giovanne Schachere

schachereGiovanne Schachere is a 25-year-old Criminal Justice major recently admitted to Central Washington University. A recent graduate of the Legal Program at Los Angeles Mission College, Giovanne made the Dean’s List, and he plans to become a lawyer, inspired by a job he had in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. The oldest of his siblings, he will be the first to attend a university.

The Memory: 1

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"[S]he was staring me down as if I were a UFO."

She didn't know me. She knew it. I’d just moved back from Seattle and she was staring me down as if I were a UFO. I couldn't figure out what she was thinking, but the look of disgust on her face could've pinned it for me. I sat my stuff down in my new room. It was clear by the stuff already there in it that the room was occupied. I found a basketball hoop taped to the back door and doll clothes everywhere along the floor. What a pigsty, I figured. My mom called me downstairs and directed me toward the kitchen for dinner. I hadn't had a great relationship with my mother, and hadn’t consistently spoken to her often, so this would be my first family moment with her in a long time. She sat across the table, my brother on the right and my sister on the left. Everyone except my mom and I needed phone books to sit at the table. As I began to ease into my meal, my mother says grace. During grace she thanks the Lord repeatedly for her oldest son’s return to her life and directs my siblings to the fact that I’m their oldest sibling. My brother, in shock, states, "Wow, Cool!" I smiled and finally felt acknowledged. My “new” sister continues to eat her food, unmoved by the revelation. I shrugged my shoulders and began to eat, too, but two minutes into my meal I began to choke on a piece of meat. I slowly began to lose consciousness, and began to feel my life slipping away. My mother was sobbing and apparently didn’t know how to save me. This is it for me I thought. How Ironic.

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