Miguel Rojas

Fluent in Spanish and English, LACCD student Miguel Rojas knows how to weave Spanish into English to amplify his characters’ thoughts, the mood of his stories…and even readers who do not understand Spanish are able to appreciate and understand the high, bright shine that a smattering of Spanish gives to his stories.

Liquor Store Count

(251 words without title)

"Tell me where, who, and what happened to this boy…"

Carlos Trujillo sizes up the liquor store, the surroundings, the weight. Nothing on the outside that would’ve stopped him. Walks in and pulls his handgun and shoves it in black customer’s face.

“You’re going up against a lot of us, playa,” responded Tyrell. Calm, with a barrel in his face.

The doors lock. Carlos Trujillo doesn’t shift. “Tell me where, who, and what happened to this boy,” producing a photograph of a child with almond skin complexion, smile, and long hair combed to the side.

“Hey, mothafucka,” one of the other three men yell out, all turn producing handguns.

“It’s alright. I know him, right?” Tyrell looks into the man’s eyes, slipping on gloves.

“The fuck do you think you are?” Carlos stares at the man in front of him, not the voice behind.

“My son, mi hijo, was killed or missing, you know los calles mas que yo.” [You know the streets more than I do.]

“You’re at the wrong liquor store, bruh,” stated Cyrus, never one to keep his mouth shut even to the Feds.

“What is this guy talking about, closed casket?” asked Carter.

"Nah, I’m not going to shoot, but… Tu hijo cruzo el calle y se machuco. No se donde esta. Este pendejo, lo mato.” Tyrell explains his son was wrongly hit and run and Cyrus ran him over.

“Desculpame,” Tyrell gently grabs the gun from Carlos. The three gunmen lower their weapons. Without turning his head, Tyrell shoots Cyrus in the face, dropping him. [Don’t blame me.]

Tyrell drops the gun. “We didn’t like him anyway.”

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