Dawn Parmer

With an economy of words, LACCD student Dawn Parmer knows how to create a complex character and situation—how to write a story with the reader as co-creator—because in her pieces, the reader must think, discover what a story is about from the clues she gives. She is the thinking person’s writer.

I Was Not About to Go…

(254 words without title)

"Blue skies, not a cloud in them, and palm trees higher than most buildings I had known…"

I was not about to go walking in the blistering cold of the Michigan winter one more time. I had frozen my tongue to a pole after a dare, and seeing part of my tongue hanging from a silver-plated post was not as much of a thrill to me as it was to those who had dared me to do so 20 years ago. So what if I like the sun more. Who wouldn't?

So, I arrived. Blue skies, not a cloud in them, and palm trees higher than most buildings I had known. Funny how they sway, yet there is no wind. I look around for what I have never found, thinking I might yet find it here. However, I had never known that I was really even looking. I just realized I wasn't finding something.

I carry my backpack wherever I go, though I only go wherever. No plans, no mission, just going. Not to back to where I was, not knowing where I'm going. I'm on a journey, I hear. To where and why? Am I supposed to ask, or just go there and enjoy? I don't know. I just go. And I enjoy. I journey, and learn along the way that what I haven’t found I was never looking for. Yet, funny, I found so much more when I never was even looking: my life, those in it, and those who have formed it to be, me. So I go, to know more of we.

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