Stephanie Guzman

guzmanA Child Development major, Stephanie works for the YMCA after-school program and hopes to work as a head preschool teacher one day. Of her writing, she reports: “Most of the pieces I have written don’t have happy endings. Well, that is because as a child I didn’t have a great childhood. My mother didn’t know how to raise me…so…[when I was] ten my father received full custody of me. I am thankful now that I am healthy and able to understand that I am a beautiful young woman and can succeed. I can be a hero in someone’s life, which is why I decided to become a teacher.” For Stephanie, “[w]riting… helps me pour my heart out.”

Lola Never Spoke

(246 words without title)

"After four months of dating, Elijah started to change."

Lola was a young teenager truly madly in love with Elijah. Lola was only sixteen, and Elijah was twenty-one. Every Monday he would pick her up from school and bring her flowers. She had so many flowers in her house from Elijah that her housed smelled beautiful. The beginning of their relationship was great. She was pampered, he would bring her chocolates, love notes, hold hands with her while walking in the park. They would always go for a Rocky Road ice cream because he knew it was her favorite. She knew he was the one she loved, her heart felt joy, and she would have butterflies every time she would see him. After four months of dating, Elijah started to change. One Monday Elijah went to pick up Lola from school, and he saw Lola walking with a guy. He immediately got angry, walked up to her and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward him, screaming at her while shaking her. She asked him what was wrong, and he told her she was not allowed to talk to another guy. She immediately apologized and kissed him on the lips, trying to calm him down. The next Monday Lola went to Elijah’s house for dinner, and she started talking to her about her classmate. He got jealous and started to argue with her, and he hit her. He apologized, and she forgave him because she loved him, but that was only the beginning.

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