Tashea Brown

brownAs a young child, Tashea Brown “had issues expressing myself, to let people know what type of person I was and who I wanted to be.” She began “expressing myself by playing sports and joining my high school choir. There I learned to become a better speaker and learned to express myself”. Now, as a college student, “I express by writing what’s from my heart.”

Falling Rangers

(250 words without title)

"… those high, bright stars that gave the night an unforgettable concert…"

The stars were high and bright. It was like the night was giving off its own concert, with the shining lights and warm, soothing sounds. But that fuzzy feeling began to go away as soon as he realized where he was. Bombs were flying, and guns were shot, but all he could see was those stars. The man next to him yelled something, but he couldn't understand him. He took his eyes off the stars...those high, bright stars that gave the night an unforgettable concert. The disappointment soon occurred in his mind. The pain of taking his eyes off those stars was even worse than what he had put his eyes on. The moment he closed them again, he could see those stars again. The beautiful music the night was giving. But he could not picture those stars. The guns were shot and bombs were flying. He didn't take shelter. The man next to him yelled fiercely at him... but he couldn't understand a word he was saying. He tried to understand him, but...for some reason, that concert the night was giving blocked out his words. He tried so hard, but nothing, until the man suddenly grabbed his hand and slowly dropped to his knees. Suddenly those stars weren't as important as he felt that pain at that moment. They were bleeding, and at that moment the man could hear his voice, and he said to him that the stars shine bright because of the Falling Rangers.

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