Janella Lacson

lacsonBorn in Torrance, California, on January 8, 1992, Janella Lacson spent most of her life growing up in Manila in the Philippines, where she attended a private, all-girls Catholic school for seven years. She moved back to Los Angeles when she was 13 and attended Rosary High School in Fullerton, California. Aiming to be a screenwriter and director, Janella already has several self-published novels, screenplays, and short films under her belt. Her films include "The First Date," which was produced in March 2012, and has screened at Fusion Film Festival (Los Angeles), and is scheduled to screen at the largest LGBT-themed film festival in the nation, OutFest Film Festival (Los Angeles). Janella is currently developing two feature films with well-known LGBT activist and filmmaker, James Duke Mason. When Janella isn't writing or directing, she is working as an associate producer at RealStreaMedia, a production company based in Glendale, California. In the fall of 2012, Janella will be one of 250 students attending the prestigious film and television undergraduate program at New York University.

Other Works:

The Memory: 1

(279 words without title)

Noelle hesitantly opened her fragile eyes. The piercing rays of the sun radiated throughout the memory in which she had arrived. She didn’t remember where or when she was, and all she heard was the one angelic voice. She looked around to see she was alone yet again, though in a different setting that was brighter, hotter, and emptier. Her vision started to sharpen as she saw her childhood house on the corner of the quietest avenue in Los Angeles. Everything was still the same: the red chipped exterior paint, the dirty cream curtains, and a lawn that was unattended to. Noelle’s heart started to sink as she realized where the drug had taken her. Not only was it not the memory she intended, but also it was the last memory she ever wanted to see. “Noelle, get your ass in here!” With the sound of the authoritative voice, Noelle notices a little girl rushing to the house from the opposite side of the street. The little girl looked to be about 12 years old. As the heat of the summer sun pounded down on Noelle’s childhood memory, tears started to freely flow down her cheeks as she watched her childhood-self run aimlessly into the house that destroyed her. “Don’t do it,” she whispered to under her breath. She knew that no one could hear her. “Mommy, I’m hungry,” the little girl said to her mother. “Get in here and shut up,” the mother said as she grabbed her fragile daughter by the arm. As Noelle watched her past unfold right before her, she screamed to the top of her lungs. Although still, she knew nobody could hear her.


The Memory: 2

(278 words without title)

As she opened her eyes, it was to her surprise that she heard a distant voice laughing playfully.

“Stop it,” the distance voice echoed.

Noelle’s vision sharpened, the voice became clearer, and there before her was the one she so desired to see.

“Juliet,” she said hesitantly. She was standing in front of her past self, approximately two years prior to whom she was now. Her past self was smiling at a woman who was running to her from a distance.

“Stop making fun of me,” Juliet said to the smiling Noelle. “You can’t just make fun of me and get away with it just like that.”

“I’m sorry—is someone getting a little too sensitive?”

As Noelle watched her memory replay in front of her very eyes, a small, unintentional grin emerged from her tear-doused lips.

“I miss you, Juliet,” she said under her breath. She had finally gotten to where she wanted to be. In a memory of the one person she had learned to love; the one person who accepted her for who she was. The pain was substantial, but every moment Noelle had with the one she loved most was a significant one. She knew in her heart, though, that it would not be the same as the warm flesh and beating heart Juliet once had.

“I’m not sensitive, I just don’t want you to make fun of me. What if I disappeared tomorrow?” Juliet said genuinely. “You’ll regret all the times you picked on me.”

Noelle’s heart leaped out of her chest. “If anything, Juliet, the things I pick on you for are the reasons why I’m going to miss you even more.”

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