William Diaz

diazOf himself, William writes: "I have not conquered empires nor have I written sonnets, yet my name is William. I have not exploited indigenous people, nor have I stolen land in the name of a God with blue eyes and a pale complexion, yet my last name is Diaz. Although I have done none of these things, I still strive to leave my own mark on society. I joined a street gang at the age of 15, thinking that by leaving my mark on the streets I would attain great glory. I was very wrong; it only brought me pain and suffering. I saw two of my closest friends killed before my eyes and countless others stripped of their freedom. I can honestly say that out of the five high schools I attended, fewer than four of my high school friends are still around. It wasn't long before all my actions caught up with me, and within a year and a half of being inducted into a gang, I was arrested and jailed. I was very fortunate to have the support of my parents and teachers, who helped me through my trial. Within three months, because of lack of evidence, I was released. I began a new life, taking advantage of all that was at my disposal so that I would graduate from high school on time. I graduated from South East High School in 2007, and I will be graduating in June from West Los Angeles College with an A.A. in English. I have also been accepted to Cal State Northridge and will pursue my B.S. degree in Chemistry. I cannot forget to mention my beautiful son Aaron Jacob Diaz, who has been my greatest inspiration throughout my dark journey. He alone brought me back into the light and allowed me to begin my new mark in society, not on walls, but in the perpetual existence of life.

Other Works:

Little Gee

(249 words without title)

I think back to the many friends I had and can only recall a few. Many of them are in jail, and the rest are either dead or married. Little Gee was my rival when I was 10 because he was always trying to punk me in front of all his homies. At the age of 13 I whooped his ass and came out as a champ. It was one of those “what you gonna do” moments that required a “fuck it” response. I remember riding my bike and getting hit by rocks, thrown by Little Gee and his two homies, Smokey and Ghost. It was natural instinct powered by rage and humiliation that gave me the strength to kick his ass. I did not perform any special martial arts of any sort to defeat Little Gee. I was able to drop him on the floor and kick him a couple of times. I got some good hits until Smokey sucker-punched me while I was distracted. Honestly, I would have received a hell of an ass kicking if it wasn’t for a nice ol’ woman that threatened us with calling the cops. If it wasn’t for her I would have been jumped and beaten by all three fools. As soon as I heard the word "cops," I jumped up from the floor so quick so fast and took off on my bike. After that day I was never bothered again, and I had gained respect in the hood.


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