Catalina Benavides

benavidesAbout herself, this young writer tells us: "I have loved writing stories since the third grade, but it wasn't until middle school that I decided to become a writer. One goal in life is to get my stories published. But first I'll grow some more, learn some more, live some more, and then see what my imagination will create."

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(217 words without title)

Delilah poured another cup of tea for Carber. This is his third cup this afternoon.

 “I love tea so much!” Carber exclaims, gulping down the invisible tea. “And especially the way you make it. What kind of tea is this one?”

 “Cherry pineapple tea. It came all the way from India,” Delilah says with a grin reaching ear to ear. Playing with Carber always makes her happy. He always makes her feel special. To him, everything she does is good enough.

 “How did you get it? That’s so far away!”

 “I flew to India last night when you were sleeping. I met Mowgli, and he gave me this tea as a present.”

“You can fly?!” Carber spat out his tea.

“Tinkerbell gave me some pixie dust.”

“I want pixie dust, please!”

She lets out a laugh. “Okay, okay,” she reaches into her pocket. “Here, I have extra pixie dust. But don’t leave me, Carber.”

“Sweetie?” Her mother is at the door. “Who are you talking to?” Her mom can never see Carber. No one can. They can’t see his purple eyes, his dark bluish skin, and his wild, red hair. No one can see the bright orange coat, the black tie, and the purple slacks he wears. Only six-year-old Delilah Carols can see Carber Mysk.

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