"the shining star of your ambition
dissipating in the air"

Lost in Translation
Mariangela Spiezia-Nobre

nobreBorn in the beautiful city of Naples, Italy, Mari Spiezia-Nobre has been singing jazz and pop live since the age of 15, and is one of the few singers who can sing in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. Known for her versatility and stage presence, Mari has been performing with her jazz band "E-Motion" and her Brazilian band "Nobresil" (in Brazil) throughout the United States. She has also performed in different countries with well-known musicians in the Latin Jazz world, as both a solo and back-up singer on CDs and in live performances. To sample Mari's music, download this excerpt of the song "Voce Abousou," a tribute to the Brazilian popular music of Antonio Carlos and Jocafi. "Voce Abousou" is one of the songs on on the soon-to-be-released "Nobresil" CD, arranged by Grammy-nominated musician and arranger Jovino Santo Netos. Fans can access "Nobresil" online at CDBABY. Mari is currently an Honors student at WLAC, where she enjoys taking classes that allow her to indulge in her love of music and literature.

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"Lost in Translation" a poem by Mariangela Spiezia-Nobre from West Los Angeles College.

"Lost in Translation" A Poem by Mariangela Spiezia-Nobre from West Los Angeles College (audio only).

Lost in Translation

Crawling in the orange of a dream searching for your hand:
lost in translation in the sunset of my memory coastline,
cherishing young love unleashing on the sand,
the old soul of California winding around my heart
ravishing me with its sensuous curves
like a tortuous vine
like a desert snake
like your long Yurok hair
like your skin of nectarine
bronzed by the echo of ancient rape
like a game of truth or dare
the shining star of your ambition
dissipating in the air
the past
crushed on a foreign mission
the present
adopted by the scandal as addiction.
Lost in translation on a shore
where the waves are laughing blue and green
tickled by the dolphins dancing some more.
Lost in translation I hide on screen
in a movie in black and white
burning the street with hatred
with the perfect movie smile
imperfect spirits
tormented pride
blown by the wind that speaks to the leaves
impossible to wither.
Like the sins of the earth trembling under my feet
stealing another night of sleep
cuddling in the eternal summer heat
sheltered by the shade of a palm tree
like the homeless on skid row
lost in translation, pleading salvation
in the succulent invitation of Maria's garden
reaching with arms for its immigrant mother
cherishing beauty where beauty is not respected
asking for tolerance between thorns and pollen
like a new rainbow that was not expected.